Craft Beer (Round #2)


We previously did a high level comparison of these two fine craft beers.  It should be no surprise that since Fremont Brewing Company has been around since 2009 (4 years longer than Bale Breaker) that they would have a larger fan base.  Fremont has about 8000 more twitter followers and about 1000 more Facebook likes when compared with Bale Breaker.  Additionally, the number of Fremont’s average daily posts are almost double that of Bale Breaker.  However, when we look into the details of the data we see two interesting areas where Bale Breaker is achieving great success.

First:  Fan Page Engagement –  They may not post as much as Fremont, but when they do they receive very high marks from their fans in the form of likes, comments and posts.   Their fan engagement is substantially higher than that of Fremont from time to time.  Two of the three peaks in the last few weeks were posts of the craft beer industry as a whole.  This is a valuable and useful insight that Bale Breaker can use to further their brand and reputation.


Second: Relative Share of Engagement – Bale Breaker may have less followers than Fremont, but the ones they do have appear to be more loyal.  Bale Breaker has a higher relative share of engagement than Fremont.  Much like the beer they brew, it is not the quantity, but rather the quality that counts.  Bale Breaker is attracting the followers that will help spread their brand into other networks.


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