Costco vs Walmart – social media metrics and analysis



Much ink has been spilled on how Costco and Walmart compete in retail but how do the two giants compare in social media?  Let’s find out.


The most visible and surprising result is that costco has 4 tweets, EVER posted from their main account, @costcotweets, compared to the two hundred thousand sent by @Walmart.  Costco uses their facebook page as their primary presence in social media.  As a result, their social mention scores are nearly equal to walmarts, tied in passion and sentiment, and one each leading.  Twitter analyzing tool, Followerwonk reflects this in the social authority scores, with Walmart winning.  Despite completely Costco’s efforts in ignoring the fact that twitter exists and that they have a corporate twitter account, they are successful in their business and people love the brand.  Customers will refer to Costco on social media as seen in the chart below, though at a level that is 1/5 of Walmart’s mentions.

Screenshot 2014-05-18 23.06.41


Screenshot 2014-05-18 22.54.57Screenshot 2014-05-18 22.54.35

Due to the strength of Costco’s facebook presence, their Klout score is a respectable 58.  However, Walmart turns in a monstrous 90 for their Klout score as they are very active in twitter and facebook.  Walmart has 9 twitter accounts for specials and different regions.

Despite the difference in effort put into their respective social media presences, Walmart and Costco customers use the medium to talk to or talk at the companies.  There is untapped potential to address customer service concerns that are going unanswered at Costco.  Walmart is communicating deals out to their followers while both are clearly communicating via traditional advertising.


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