Costco Vs. Sam’s Club

Let’s look at two warehouse clubs standings in the social media world and compare it to real world business status. We will look at social engagement and reach data and compare it to the dry daily business attributes and see if there is any correlation.

Summary (as of 5/18 @ 4pm Pacific):

Social Media Metrics Costco vs Sams

Source: Topsy, SocialMention, Twitter and Facebook official pages.

Dry Stuff:


Analysis: In terms of wharehouse retail sales Costco is the King and dwarfs the retail giant’s Walmart’s similar efforts. In Social Media perspective results are a little mixed.

  • In overall strength (ratio of mentions to all sources) and total reach Costco trumps Sams club. But in passion and sentiment the numbers are reverse. But looking closely, the passion number can be raised if you have fewer people who are fans and are vocal. With larger unique authors its harder by design. From this perspective, Costco doesn’t do a bad job with 10% less ‘passion’ with double the unique authors.
  • Topsy data continued to show superb strength for Costco with mentions in 117.4k tweets vs that of Sams club for 24k. It also own in overall score of 80 to 74 (overall score is basically a representation of sentiment on twitter).

Based on Topsy score I expected Costco’s twitter account to be trumping Sam’s Club. I’m was stumped! @Costco has zero tweets w/ 2.6k followers. Then @CostcoTweets is at 23k followers but 4 tweets! @costcotravel is more repectable at 1.4k tweets and 2k followers. None of the costco accounts were twitter ‘verified’ accounts. Sam’s club had a verified account with 16.1k tweets like 58k or such followers. Costco is reasonably active on Facebook with social activities like #CostcoSelfie campaigns. But overall the data seems to indicate that Sam’s club is much more organized and more present in its Social Media channels than Costco. To be fair, Costco has some divisions within like Costco Travel who really want to connect with users and are active on Facebook, G+ ad Twitter.

Thus what dominates in real world business doesn’t necessarily guarantee similar wins in social media world – that takes some work!


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