Cloud Providers Social Analysis #AWS vs #Azure

AWS Cloud  vs. Windows Azure

AWS Cloud vs. Windows Azure

The cloud computing is a hot space now. There are various players who are battling to gain traction on the cloud computing space, but two players have emerged, Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure leaving other of the competitions behind. In this article I am going to look at the social media analysis for the top two cloud solutions Amazon Web Service and Microsoft’s Azure using Social Media analytics tools such as Keyhole, Topsy and Socialmention.


Amazon web services was launched in 2006. It is by far the most popular cloud hosting solutions out there. It started as a Infrastructure as a Service provider, but in the recent years AWS has been entering the Platform as a service by adding offering such as databases and map reduce solutions. It offers services in compute, networking, storage, database and deployment. It has data centers in 10 regions around the world. Its customers include Netflix, Pinterest, Nasdaq and Smugmug.

Microsoft Azure was launched in 2008. It started as a Platform as a Service platform for .net developers. But since then has provided solution for Infrastructure as a services. It’s current offering is very similar to Amazon’s in compute, network, storage and database. It has data centers in 10 regions around the worlds. Its current customers include Toyota, BMW and Webzen (Korean game companies).

Social Media Analysis:

Looking at the number of the tweets for #azure and #AWS from topsy. Before 4/29 there are similar number of tweets for both hashtags, but in the past couple weeks #azure has been increasing significantly because there is a TechEd conference that Microsoft hosted between May 11 to May 15 in Houston. During the conference Microsoft released several new Azure products, Azure Remote App and Azure Files, that explain the divergent from the trends. tweets with #azure reach 337K people vs 473K for #AWS. Azure enthusiasts tweet more often than AWS enthusiasts, because tweets that has #Azure hashtag have higher impressions than tweets for #AWS at 1.8M for azure vs 774K for aws.

topsy - azure vs aws



Another interesting observations that I see from SocialMention is that the locations of the tweets for Azure is missing from countries that are traditionally IT savvy such as Brazil and China. I was expecting that there would be several mentions for #azure in these region because Azure actually has data centers in Brazil and China. Drilling down to the #AWS tweets, it shows that most of the AWS users are in California and New York, inline with the concentration of statups companies that use AWS. For Azure they are located in Washington state. I suspect the tweets from Texas will reduced after the Teched conferences over.


The sentiment between tweets that mention hashtag #azure and #aws are fairly similar. #Azure has 62% positive sentiment and #AWS has 67% from Topsy. However, Social Mention said the other way around. 13:1 for AWS vs 17:1 for Azure. Social mention also think that Azure users are more passionate compared to that of the AWS. #Azure also seems to have more reach at 52% versus 45%.




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