Clash of the Mexican Grills


  • Chipotle seems to have more posts, users, reach, and impressions than that of Qdoba.
  • Interesting to note that the Retweets percentage is more for Chipotle than Qdoba. This means that social media (not company promoted) is more active for Chipotle and therefore is expected to be more sustainable.
  • Backtweets seems to suggest that the tweets for Chipotle is very high compared to Qdoba. The difference can be attributed to randomness in data collection or Qdoba might have started social campaign much later than Chipotle.
  • Use of search words might have drastic results on the results as shown in Social Mention tab. Strength seems to be higher for Chipotle which is expected based upon the results from and However, passion, reach, and sentiment seems to be dependent on the search word used.
  • Topsy analytics are in agreement with the fact that Chipotle has higher tweets (one month data). Matches the trend seen with However, the sentiment scores of Topsy does not match with that of Social mention. Possible reason for that might be sensitivity of data collection with time.

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