Five Guys vs In N Out

I used both Icerocket and Social Mention to compare two of America’s favorite burger joints: Five Guys and In-N-Out. 

Five Guys appear to have a higher sentiment at 7:1 versus In-N-Out’s 5:1, this is the number of positive mentions versus negative mentions. However, In-N-Out seems to have a higher strength score (phrase mention rate), a higher passion score (repeated mentions by the same user) and a higher reach score (range of influence). 

On Twitter, In-N-Out wipes the floor with Five Guys, 594 posts/hr  versus 81 posts/hr. This is despite the fact that In-N-Out only has 280 locations whereas Five Guys has over 1000 locations. There certainly is a lot more fanfare with In-N-Out than Five Guys, which can be told from the blog posts charts down below as well.

Five Guys






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