Nike and Adidas

I researched Nike and Adidas social media footprint and mentioning on the internet and social media.

To do this i chose two of the more google like media tracking tools ice rocket and social mention.

For Adidas vs Nike the following results were found:

icerocket(Adidas): posts per day(634.17), Average% (.0059), total post(19,025)







icerocket(Nike): posts per day(1208.20), Average%(.1066),total points(36,246)







For social mention we see adidas socially mentions as follows:









For Nike we see under social mention as follows:









Reviewing these analytics we see some obvious trends that are good for Nike. First off the 2 to 1 ratio of mentioning of Nike vs Adidas is telling.

But in turns of social mention top users such as neal day use equally their mentions of both brands, both are heavily matched for photobucket sourceing, and top hashtags, Wherease Nike again has a slight edge on the keyword useage in the results.

What becomes more striking is the sentiment rating of 23:1 vs 10:1, its strength rating of 58% over 45%, and its 40% reach over 29% reach  for nike over adidas,

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