Ford and Honda

I researched Ford Motor Company and Honda Automobile to compare and contrast the two company’s social media activity.

Each company has a unique history and heritage that defines each company; therefore, both companies have loyal and influential people to leverage when it comes to marketing their products.

I used IceRocket and Social Mention to gather data.

IceRocket is a free online tool that has a focus on brand monitoring.  The tool taps the Web, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, and delivers easy-to-read results in one page.

Social Mention is a free online tool that aggregates user-generated content from Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google, etc. into a single stream.

The summary can be seen here.  In general, Honda has more activity via posts than Ford.  Also, both companies have similar sentiment ratings where the companies are seen mostly as positive to neutral (e.g. positive / neutral / negative).


FoMoCo IceRocket

FoMoCo SocialMention



Honda IceRocket

Honda SocialMention


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