Raven Rock Ranch – Helping at-risk youth with the help of “horse counselors”.


Raven Rock Ranch – Located in the heart of Microsoft Land in Redmond Washington, Raven Rock Ranch (RRR) has reached a unique zenith with their restorative work for both horses and animals. This place welcomes rescued horses coming from neglected or un-inhabitable conditions and troubled teens who are at high risk of getting into alcohol/drugs addiction, giving them opportunity to bond with each other and develop a unique trust amongst them both mentally and physically.

Co-founders Sandy and Tim Matts are the key figures behind this initiative. Sandy has been giving riding lessons to hundreds of kids both privately and through University of Iowa and is a NARHA certified instructor for handicapped riders. Tim has a strong background working as a consultant in business transformation and also is passionate about helping abused kids and animals. Raven Rock Ranch a non profit organization and operates on 100% donations.

The youth entering the program at RRR study in the program for free with no obligations for any tuition payments. Reading through the citations on the website, one can see that the teens are going through a a life changing experience during the program learning to be calm, responsible and self-confident individuals. The program specifically focuses on building cooperation, trust, mentoring, and responsibility with the goal of transferring these skills into their everyday lives and reconnecting with peers, family and their community.

Following are the ways you can make a difference in someone’s life at RRR:

Donations: In form of cash, check or credit card.

Horse Sponsorship: The horses at Raven Rock each have a unique past that gives them the ability to reach out to children in amazing ways…making them what we call “horse counselors”. Sponsoring the care of one of our “horse counselors” enables Raven Rock to continue to offer a free program to all children that visit the ranch. The amounts can be as low as $3.50/day for sponsoring the horse counselors which will some of the hay for the horses.

Additional needs/wish list: RRR is always in need of other items such as riding helmets, hay, carrots and try to keep this information updated on their website at following address: http://www.ravenrockranch.org/How%20You%20Can%20Help.html  

If you or someone you know is able to help them please spread the word. We are sure your deeds will be well appreciated by their newly added and youngest team member Bergitta (“Bergie”)



And by “Sport” who is their senior most member of the family.

– On Behalf of Puget Sound Youth Enrichment Team.












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