Clever use of Twitter and Instagram for product promotion @Boston Marathon

Since the main purpose of this blog to learn more about how social media can be used for marketing purposes, I would like to share one ad campaign that caught my attention at this year’s Boson Marathon because of its clever use of Instagram and Twitter’s new picture feature.

KT Tape makes exactly what their name says – adhesive tape which is used by athletes for muscle injury prevention and rehabilitation. Tape is boring, un-sexy, and quite often it is hidden from sight. How can one raise awareness of such a product among the potential customers? One possible way is to make the current users proudly display the tape on their bodies, snap “selfies”, and share their photos with their friends and relatives. Easier said than done! However, KT Tape found a clever way of convincing many Boston Marathon runners to do exactly that by giving out free, colorful samples of their tape that sported a Boston Strong slogan and a sticker with the following message, “Support One Fund Boston. (1) KT Tape your body in a visible place. (2) Post a race picture on Twitter or Instagram showing this KT tape with the hashtag #kttapehonors A donation will be made to One Fund for every image posted.”

KT Boston Marathon Enlarged

Support a charity while promoting our product. Pretty clever! I spotted many runners proudly sporting the blue and yellow tape on their legs and arms while running the race and wished I had stopped by the KT Tape booth at the Expo.


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