The score 43-8 and 25,500 lbs of potatoes!

The score 43-8 and 25,500 lbs of potatoes!

What does “43-8” has to do with 25,500 lbs of potato for food banks in Seattle?

If you already know the answer, you are brilliant!
If not, take a guess and see if the real story matches your guess!

The real story: Both the Washington State Potato Commission and Colorado Potato Administrative Committee were confident that their own team would win the Super Bowl. Accordingly a wager was created that called for the losing side to donate 500 lbs of fresh potatoes to the winning city’s food banks for every point scored.

And guess what….. the Seahawks won 25,500 lbs for its food banks. As a good gesture, the Washington folks matched the donation by providing 25,500 lbs of potatoes to Denver food banks.

You do not have to win the Super Bowl to become a hero. All you have to do is to donate food. Whether it is a $0.25 cent can or fresh vegetables from your backyard, everything counts. Please DONATE by visiting

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by | May 2, 2014 · 8:28 pm

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