YouthCare – Engaging, Stablizing and Preparing troubled youth to succeed in future

Youthcare has been offering service to locals in Seattle since 1974. Their main purpose of existence is beyond just providing food and shelter to the homeless youth. They take special efforts to provide opportunities for kids between ages of 18 to 24 to stand on their feet and acquire skills that will assist them to earn a normal living as well as become independent in life.

Currently, they offer 4 major employment training programs such as: Tile project, Barista Training and Education Program, Youth Tech and YouthBuild. Each program is focused on key skills development   e.g: the tile project focuses on ceramic skills, the barista training program focuses on operations in coffee shops.

YouthCare also has partnered with various other organizations to offer subsidized living for kids who are just getting started as well as train them in money matters and saving techniques before the kids decide to move into an independent apartment on their own.


Calvin is one of the individuals whose life has been transformed by YouthCare’s help. He came to the United States from the West African nation of Liberia when he was 14, having never set foot inside a classroom. Living with his aunt, his only family in the U.S., he struggled to adapt. He ended up spending about two years on the streets, running with the wrong crowd — but knowing that he needed to change his life. Finally he came across YouthCare’s drop in facility where he received well needed attention and support to regain his confidence and get his GED and also become a captain of his soccer team. He is now well prepared to face the future and succeed in life with flying colors.

Calvin's photo

Sadly, such strong motives and initiatives do come with a high price tag even if it is for a non-profit organization. YouthCare faced some harsh financial challenges in the recent past which could have threatened their existence until King County and City of Seattle came forward to their rescue. The organization is still in operation and relies of good deeds of fellow philanthropists to come together and help them meet their basic needs for hygiene, clothing, travel packs and food.

On behalf of Puget Sound Youth in Focus team, I request you to spread the word and create awareness amongst your friends and family members who might be interested in giving a helping hand to such organization but don’t know where to direct their assistance.


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