Helpline Foodbank of South Kitsap

For more than 3 decades Helpline Food bank has been providing food to those in need in the South Kitsap area.  They have partnered with local businesses as well as volunteers to raise awareness and funds to feed local families.  They have a nice, easy to navigate website ( that allows all users to navigate how they can provide assistance, or can be assisted if they are the ones in need.    Helpline has social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, but after my additional like, is now up to a grand total of 905 likes  on Facebook and only 204 followers on Twitter, despite the fact that they helped feed over 53,000 children and adults last year alone.

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

The posts to Facebook mostly revolve around the calendar of events with one or two inspirational media items thrown in a month.  There does not seem to be a pattern to the posts that are made other than this.  So in a very rough form, I believe their own calendar to ensure awareness of upcoming events.

How many people contribute to the social channels?
It appears they have an administrator who does the contribution.
What is the message they are getting across?
The main message is that there is an issue (people are going hungry) and ways that you can help via events and purchasing plants from the nursery they run.
Who are they trying to reach?
Local residents and businesses who are positioned to provide help.




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