Discover the real NATURE ( not on TV) !!

This is first week of our teams attempt to find enriching activities for kids, young and adult and steer them away from prolonged television watching or playing video games. As we continue our search and try to bring new activities and organizations to table please share your comments, likes and dislikes about our posts so we can focus on activities which would interest you more.

Today we would like to share so details about Islandwood, a small organization focused teaching kids, young and adults about nature in a natural settings. They are conveniently located at 4450 Blakely Ave. NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 . Family and schools can book a trip to this venue to have a fun filled and enlightening experience of nature.  

Islandwood offer various programs like summer camps, school overnight programs, brightwater center, homewater center etc to suite various learning needs. Spread over 255 acres of forested trails, wetlands, and unique outdoor venues, IslandWood invites children into nature and into their imaginations. There is no particular age group that  is targeted in this program but often teachers of 4th and 5th graders find more relevance to their coursework in schools.


And like a real school, this organization rewards teachers with a  $2500 and $5000 awards who take initiative to create learning experience that makes a difference in kids and their community.  

e.g: Cheryl Milton, First Place School received a Patsy Collins award in 2013 for her contribution to teach underprivileged students about community, responsibility and recycling.   

Recycling initiative and Waste treatment training: The programs also offer an option to learn about easy and simple ways of recycling and also teaches kids on checking water quality and waste treatment plant which is located nearby.

In summary, we think this is a next perfect destination for you and your family to spend summer at. Please contact them for specific and updated course information.

Thank you,

Breaking Roles Team   





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