Social Media at the King County Emergency Feeding Program

The King County Emergency Feeding Program provides an infrastructure of feeding support to non-profits, government offices and other distributors of food to food-insecure audiences through pre-prepared, culturally targeted food bags and kits. As a supporter of key local hunger non-profits, it’s essential that the Emergency Feeding Program get attention and funding from the public. I had the opportunity to sit down with a board member from the program to discuss their social media participation and got some key takeaways.

Content Calendaring

The Feeding Program does have a content calendar, with most content supporting ongoing fundraising activities and events. A quick look at their most recent Twitter feed confirms this:


This content is mostly repeated on Facebook and supplemented through a robust email newsletter.


The primary contributor to all digital content is the Emergency Feeding Program’s Outreach Coordinator, who handles all social media and newsletter activties.

The Message

Most of the Emergency Feeding Program’s activity is focused on either driving traffic to fundraising events or thanking fundraising contributors after events. The message is largely, “We need money, so thank you for giving it to us.” There is also some light content regarding the mission of the program, but this is not as clearly front-and-center in the program’s content.

Target Audience

As the content is mostly related to fundraising, the Emergency Feeding Program is trying to reach potential and previous donors, particularly those who want to see the results of their giving or are considering giving to the program.



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