Organization: Seafair
Do they follow a content calendar?
• Facebook: Yes. They have an active social media campaign where they post multiple times per day on Facebook on weekdays regarding upcoming events. They include scheduled posts on topics such as the weather and how it will impact events, as well as topical posts including shout outs to new sponsors and new event announcements.
• Twitter: Yes, similar to their Facebook calendar with links back to Facebook articles.
• LinkedIn: Yes, as more of an article based area for cross linking with sponsors
• They have an RSS feed
• Instagram: Yes, they have a daily post
• Tagboard: Yes, they cross link to their other feeds
• Pinterest: Yes, they cross link to their other feeds
• YouTube: No, but they post topical videos of events during the off season.

How many people post to the social channels?
They have a single logon to each channel for official posts and do not allow others to post to their channels.
• Facebook: 31,832 likes, 358 talking about, and 3228 were here.
• Twitter: 4,674 Tweets, 3218 following, 5,155 followers
• Instagram: 127 posts, 386 followers, 99 following
• LinkedIn: 335 followers
• Pinterest: 236 followers and 292 following
• YouTube: 279 subscribed

What is the message they are getting across?
They are announcing and promoting events, promoting sponsors, and trying to encourage participation

Who are they trying to reach?
They are trying to reach out to the people of the Puget Sound region to encourage building community through participation in Seafair events.


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