Orca Network


Orca Network is a non-profit has a mission to raising awareness of whales in the pacific northwest and the the importance of providing them a safe and healthy habitat.  They have 5 active projects supporting this goal.  The organization is fairly well developed, having a board of directors, with 10 organization level supporters including the Tulalip Tribes, WA State Ferries, and Center for Whale Research.

Does Orca Network follow a content calendar?

The two most active social media platforms used by Orca Network are twitter and facebook.  Posts/tweets on both are in sync.  Over a 2 month period, Orca Network posted 21 Whale Sighting Reports and 28 links/photos.  They posted content about every other day and whale sighting reports as they occurred.  The Whale Sightings are reported by the public with a different person posting for each whale sighting.  This is done via web form submission

How many people contribute to the social channels?

Orca Network has an active presence on facebook, twitter, and youtube, and a google plus page which was set up but abandoned.  A dozen different people contribute to the whale sightings in an average month.  The content posting is likely done by 1-3 people.


What is the message Orca Network is getting across?

Orca Network uses social media to educate it’s subscribers with content links and raises awareness of whales with whale sightings posted to twitter and facebook in near real time.  Orca Network has many actions you can take such as donations, petitions, submitting comments to the NOAA Fisheries and watching Blackfish, the movie.

Who is Orca Network trying to reach?

The target audience is potentially anyone who is interested, fond of, and supporting of whales, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  However, they seem to be looking for more active, activists, if you will, based on the number of actions you can take to preserve habitat.  A google search of “whales northwest” has the orca network web page as 7th in the search ranking.  


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