Notes on Greater Seattle Soccer League

GSSL (Greater Seattle Soccer League) is “Washington’s leading non profit adult men’s soccer league, serving Seattle and all of the greater Seattle area.” Our study group is focused on getting more people in the greater Seattle area, and we are particularly interested in getting more amateur soccer teams to know about and join GSSL.  Following are some notes about the status of social media and content marking strategy of GSSL:
  • Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

Yes,  GSSL announces tournament information and  publishes team registration documents a few months before the tournament.  Also, on a regular basis, it reports game results, updates team (and top scorer) standings, and maintains sponsor links.  However, the website content can be enhanced.  For example, it’d be nice to link some game video clips and publish some stories.

  • How many people contribute to the social channels?

Looks like 1-2 people are maintaining the website on a part-time basis.  As of now, GSSL does not exploit popular social channels such as facebook and Google+.  One thing GSSL might consider doing is to add links to individual teams’ social channels.

  • What is the message they are getting across?

At a high level, they are getting across the message of sportsman spirit, fair competition, and playing soccer for both wins and fun.

  • Who are they trying to reach?

Most of the time, they are trying to target non-professional adult (male) soccer players/teams. Sometimes sponsors are the audience.


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