King Digital Entertainment

King Digital Entertainment

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

Yes, they are updating they are involved in YouTube, LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook. Their main outlet is Facebook as that is where the games are used. All sites are updated on a regular basis though. Depending on what is happening in the news the sites could be updated daily.  

How many people contribute to the social channels?

  • On Facebook 11,645 likes · 1,653 talking about this
  • On Twitter Tweets- 1,057  Following- 780 Followers- 32.1K
  • On YouTube 103,684 subscribers

What is the message they are getting across?

Job opportunities, different games released, info on current games, how the company is expanding, different users and where they are, company expansions in different locations.

Who are they trying to reach?

Fans and to grow the addiction of candy crush. 🙂 The product speaks for itself on Facebook with the inundation of invites from current users. They post updates on the company or news articles relating to their company. They offer a lot of promotions or job opportunities. They post information and if you want the rest of the story you have to log on to a different social media website to find out the rest such as Facebook to LinkedIn or twitter to Facebook.


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