Costal Conservation Association

-Pick one organization related to the cause you are pursuing.
Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) is a non-profit organization with over 100,000 members geared up to educate public on conservation of marine resources to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public. CCA has 17 active state chapters spanning across Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic seaboard, and the Pacific Northwest. CCA was started in 1977 to combat commercial overfishing and currently battles for sustainable health of coastal fisheries.
-Does it look like they follow a content calendar?
Yes, it does look like they have consistent online content feeds through all of their social media channels. They have newsroom link where they post regular CCA news and articles. They have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and e-mail updates for subscribers. CCA national Twitter account is very active with daily tweets. Twitter account is very well organized with very interesting headings including timeline. CCA Facebook page is also very active with daily updates and daily content sharing.
-How many people contribute to the social channels?
CCA National twitter account has 1581 followers and 631 active tweets, CCA Facebook has 17868 likes and 4324 active participants and participation is growing. CCA YouTube has less participation compared to Instagram and Facebook.
-What is the message they are getting across?
Basically trying to influence people how important the marine resources are and focused on attracting more member registrations and participation. They are showing their dedication to preserve marine resources and inspiring people to join the association. CCA news room is bringing latest information about fishing issues at local regions and federal government issues to public to take action from their website “take action” link. The CCA network is engaged in hundreds of local, state, and national projects that initiate scientific studies; fund marine-science scholarships; build artificial reefs; create finfish hatcheries; initiate hydrologic and contaminant studies; monitor freshwater inflows; support local marine law enforcement (Ref.
-Who are they trying to reach?
They are trying to reach public who enjoy marine activities such as fishing and wants conserve the marine resources for enjoyment of future generations and also people who can donate for the same cause. CCA is also looking for people who can buy CCA gear and contribute to CCA activities such as marine sciences studies, research, scholarships and support local marine law enforcement.


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