compassion logo   Compassion International is a Christian child sponsorship organization, dedicated to releasing children from economic, physical, and spiritual poverty, Headquartered in Colorado Springs. It has a presence in 26 countries world wide. Founded in 1952 by Re. Everett Swanson to provide Korean War Orphans with good, shelter, education, and health care, as well as Christian teaching. Today they help over 1,200,00 children in poverty through sponsorship programs, education, health provisions and vocational training. Compassion international believes that poverty is deeper than the lack of food, clothing or shelter; it is a lack of hope. “To beat poverty, we must give children the opposite of poverty. But the opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of Poor is not rich. It’s enough. Enough to succeed; physically, socially, economically and spiritually.” (Dr Wesley K. Stafford President)

Compassion Internationals active communication channels








Google Plus

Does it look like they follow a content calendar? Yes it does. Compassion International posts programs, sponsorships, disaster relief efforts, and other programs on a regular basis to provide relief to the worlds most needy. The main website and blogs has regular challenges, you tube provides regular inspirational video of in the field inspirational video/experiences, twitter/facebook has regular event posting comments to let followers know of the latest happenings via content delivery.

How many people contribute to the social channels? For twitter compassion international has 12.6k tweets, via 154k followers. Facebook has over 287k likes. You tube’s professional video production work with views ranging from only a few hundred views to 144,542 views. Instagram has 20,603 followers for their 900 posts.

What is the message they are getting across? Compassion international is focused on :

  • Children in poverty and need, dying, starving, without health care who need help or they would not survive
  • Compassion international provides these group in person and financial need.
  • The message of enough to help the children succeed.

Who are they trying to reach?

Compassion international is trying to reach out to citizens across the globe, especially those with a religious background, who are able to help the poor via child sponsorship, monthly giving, one-time donations, special needs donations, medicines, clothing and food.



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