Washington Food Security: Fellow Cause Evaluation

By Sarah McCaffrey

To better understand our strategy at Washington Food Security as a resource for hunger elimination, I’d like to evaluate the Washington Food Coalition’s web and social properties. I’ll begin with a few notes from last week and continue with this week’s questions: Do they follow content calendar? How many people contribute? What’s their message, and who are they trying to reach?

Washington Food Coalition



The WFC landing page is cluttered and confusing. The tab navigation is fine, but the tabs compete with a large line of text above and embedded video below. This is followed by a short two column layout describing their work and membership, then a large three column layout of sponsors’ logos. To the right they include social buttons.

The blog link redirects externally to blogspot despite their web site being equipped to host a blog, which seems amateurish for a twenty-year-old nonprofit, but I do not mean to be dismissive. I am sure they are working with what they have. I doubt their page managers are specially designated or hired for the role. Regarding blog content, they update a few times a month with event announcements and local news coverage of the same.

I do not think the WFC follows any particular content calendar. They cover information as it presents itself, not with any intention to communication a particular message. No calls to action, no targeted content, and no interaction to invite engagement. The blog and social channels are trying to reach preexisting followers looking for information and updates that pertain to them. Their message is simply, “Here is the work we are doing,” which works in that context but does not reach their content marketing potential.

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