AYSA – Soccer for AZ youth

Our team’s (Team Mighty6) mission is to promote amateur soccer in order to encourage higher involvement in soccer leagues in greater Seattle area.

Another organization with similar cause is Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA), is a non-profit organization that relies on charitable gifts to offer its various programs to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the state of Arizona’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

It doesn’t seem like they have a content calendar. Tweets and Facebook posts tend to cluster mostly on game days – highlighting turning points, goals, after game analysis, and congratulating teams and players.

How many people contribute to the social channels?

As per their official website, they have 16 voting members and three non-voting members. Additionally, they have five administrative office staffs. They have 703 likes in Facebook and 327 followers in twitter.

What is the message they are getting across?

For last four decades, providing excellent soccer playing facilities and supporting social and administrative infrastructure for youths in Arizona.

Who are they trying to reach?

Their target audience is primarily young generation under the age of 19 in the state of Arizona. In achieving that, they are also targeting the parents, teachers, friends, and relatives of teenagers. 


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