A Drop of Life.org

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A Drop of Life is a charity organization established in 1998 with the focus to improve the poor condition of arid regions in China. Their projects include awareness programs, fund-raising activities, water facilities and rain-saving water cellars construction.

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Does it look like they follow a content calendar? Yes, it does, facebook posts reveal they have regular charity events and partner with non-profit and for-profit groups to organize fund-raising activities, including walkathon, cycling charity rides, silent auctions and trips to arid regions in China. Their content calendar appears to be monthly based.

How many people contribute to the social channels? Given ‘A Drop of Life’ is a relatively small organization, I highly doubt they have a dedicated team that only responsible for social media communication strategy. They are primarily using three social channels, facebook, weibo and youtube. Their facebook has 12,832 likes and 1,299 taking about this. A post regarding an upcoming charity event published this morning has received over 150 likes, both the organization and followers are very engaging on a personal level it reflects a strong sense of community. As for weibo, a very popular microblog in China, has 27,411 fans and 606 micro-blogs.

What is the message they are getting across? A Drop of Life is leveraging social media to promote awareness that ‘access to clean water’ is still an enormous problem in many rural areas in China. Their core message is to build a community and encourage all of us that we can help to improve the poor condition of these arid areas by participating their fund raising activities.

Who are they trying to reach? Currently, their target audience is still very domestic; mostly educated professionals in their 20s-50s in Hong Kong/China who enjoy active lifestyle as many of their fund raising activities are outdoor-oriented like running, cycling and delivering supplies to high-altitude rural areas.


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