Samsung Mobile VS Apple – Smartphone Giants in the social media space

Samsung Mobile VS Apple – Smartphone Giants in the social media space 


7 years ago, the first iPhone was launched in the US. It suddenly brought the Smartphone era to the world and has changed the way of browsing the internet, listening to the music, playing the video games, and almost every aspect of the digital lifestyle and IT industry as well. Not many industry experts could anticipate how much Apple would be successful and which companies would fail or succeed. Also, only a few anticipated that Samsung would become one of the survivors in fierce Smartphone war, and just few people expected that a South Korean multinational conglomerate would become the strongest rival of Apple.

Apple is notable for its disruptive and innovative culture since Apple has proved its ability as a category creator. On the other hand, Samsung is known as a fast-follower, which means that Samsung is good at with making good use of the second mover advantage and imitating strategies of the first mover. Likewise, there are lots of differences between Samsung and Apple when it comes to the company culture, management style, field of businesses, and so forth. And, there is a very substantial difference between these two Smartphone giants in the social media space too.

Social Media Presence

Samsung Mobile USA Apple (iTunes/App Store)
Facebook Link Link (iTunes)


26,782,486 31,649,955
Twitter Link Link (App Store)


5.25M 2.54M


74.9K 4,173
Instagram Link N/A




Youtube Link Link


144,781 1,876,999


161,309,477 49,065,738
Google+ Link N/A




Tumblr Link Link (iPhone 5c)


Samsung is known for its massive advertising and marketing expenses. The same applies to the social media presence. ’Samsung Mobile USA’ is the identity that represents Samsung’s mobile device business in the social media space, and is very actively posting contents onto the major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.

On the other hand, Apple has traditionally remained off of social media aside from its official iTunes Facebook page and official App Store Twitter profile. It seems that Apple does not want to build and manage the company’s identity in the social media space, but rather wants to promote its core services that are iTunes and App Store. On top of that, it is a very unusual practice of Apple to launch a marketing campaign for the iPhone 5c on Tumblr since Apple never had marketed specific mobile devices through the social media.

Interestingly, Apple tops the branding power list for the third year in a row with a brand value of $104.7 billion in 2014, while Samsung came in second with a brand value of $78.8 billion. Apple’s brand value has accumulated for a long time since it had created the personal PC market with Apple II in 1976. It seems that Samsung has a strong desire to beat Apple not only in sales, but also in branding power, but Apple does not. The ultimate goal of Samsung Mobile might be generating more Samsung fanboys than Apple,but it would be quite difficult for Samsung due to its strong impression as a fast-follower. So we can understand why Samsung is very actively managing social media campaigns but Apple is not from the perspective of their current branding power positions. It will be interesting to see how these two companies will handle their social media presences and what kinds of social media strategies they will take in the future from this perspective.

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