Pinkberry vs Red Mango: Who is the Frozen Yogurt King of Social Media?


The battle for the hearts and minds of the frozen yogurt enthusiasts is being waged in a new landscape: social media.  Pinkberry and Red Mango, two of the leading frozen yogurt brands both display equally impressive stats and ambitions on leading social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  While Pinkberry can be credited with sparking the recent craze around frozen yogurt when they launch in 2005, Red Mango has been around a few years longer and now boasts almost twice as many locations as Pinkberry.

So which frozen yogurt brand is the king of social media? The answer, like almost everything you’ve learned in business school: it depends.  As you can see from the stats, Pinkberry and Red Mango are more or less even when it comes to Facebook–far and away the largest channel for this industry.  For the other social media sites, Red Mango takes a commanding lead on Twitter and is more active on Pinterest.  They’ve also created a number of actively watched YouTube videos, drawing almost half a million views, a medium where Pinkberry has yet to show much activity.  That said, Pinkberry has a significant lead on Instagram and a slight lead on LinkedIn.

So you decide–will it be Pinkberry or Red Mango? Battles have been won but the social media war is far from over.

The stats:





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