Which has more energy? Monster VS. Redbull


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Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy sponsors different sports events such as Xgames, Monster energy pipelinePro, Dew action sports tour, and Motocross for example. They even have their own supercross event titled Monster Cup. They offer sponsorships for different sports. Monster also has numerous promotional giveaways throughout different websites. For example, on Facebook consumers are able to collect tabs and submit to earn different Monster merchandise. They tweet frequently about different sports and winning achievements. Instagram is updated on a regular basis with different sports pictures.

Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull sponsors as well but for very different sports such as WRC skiing, Formula 1, MotoGP and FreeRunning to name a few. With their motto “Red Bull gives you wings” they gear more towards the extreme and daring sports rather than the most popular and well televised sports such as skateboarding and dirt bikes like Monster has done…

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