Where do you want to work today?

One could argue that Amazon and Microsoft compete in a few product/service categories only, but they also pit themselves against each other on another level every day, especially in the Seattle metro area: talent acquisition.

It would be unimaginable nowadays for a multinational company not to have an online presence, especially the size of these heavy-hitters. It is also equally expected that the online content strategy caters to all the stakeholders of a company and that includes prospective employees.

Creating an attractive employer brand online demands engaging and relevant content tailored to the target audience; no different than brand management in general.

Both Amazon and Microsoft have social media channels dedicated to careers, mostly separated from their main channels.


From the comparison above, it appears Microsoft has a wider reach, both from the perspective of potential candidates engaged and the number of social media channels used for this specific purpose.

Looking at the frequency of posting, Microsoft wins again:


Further qualitative analysis shows that Microsoft’s posts have higher information value to candidates: in addition to the ubiquitous job postings both companies do, Microsoft shares more content about search strategies including interviewing tips, inspiring employee success stories (#ICreatedThis) and campus pictures/videos intended to convey the culture.

Consistency of messaging across the channels is also more apparent in the case of Microsoft Careers.

In conclusion, the picture painted by Microsoft is more transparent, informative and projects the image of a company with a social culture that is in line with their external employment related accolades and awards.

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