Starbucks & Seattle’s Best

Starbucks’ social media presence dwarfs that of Seattle’s Best, although the latter appears to punch above its weight, given that it has very few independent locations.

Starbucks Coffee Seattle’s Best Coffee
Facebook 36,469,780 844,166 likes
343,645 15,784 talking about this
18,034,305 2,298 were here
Twitter 19,334 5,411 tweets
90,582 3,899 following
6,010,422 14,279 followers
7,091 favorites
YouTube 27,493 286 subscribers
Instagram 418 116 posts
2,324,236 796 followers
1,237 119 following
Pinterest 1,707 902 pins
307 20 likes
145,103 1,238 followers
1,426 263 following

Seattle’s Best has a far more integrated social media presence, with more references from one platform to another:

Starbucks Coffee Seattle’s Best Coffee
Facebook Pinterest Pinterest
Twitter Facebook
Google+ Facebook, YouTube YouTube
YouTube Google+ Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Starbucks’ presence feels artificial. Posts are almost exclusively product-centric with significant duplication across platforms; the presence of job listings reduces their Facebook & YouTube pages to mere extensions of the corporate websites instead of unique engagements. Seattle’s Best also duplicates content – particularly between Twitter & Facebook – but its pages are more individualized for their respective platforms than Starbucks’. Their content is more focused on incorporating Seattle’s Best into daily life.

Overall, Seattle’s Best Coffee’s community seems engaged, while Starbucks seems either aloof or looking for freebies.

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