Ray-Ban vs. Maui Jim – who is cooler?

It’s almost summer time, and yes, in Seattle too. What could be the better time to discuss about sporty, trendy, fashionable and even prescription sunglasses!! Here I am studying the online social presence for two famous eyewear makers: Ray-Ban and Maui Jim.

Ray-Ban is a company with more than 75 years of experience in making various types of eyewear, and has presence over several dozens of countries across all the continents. Until lately, Ray-Ban’s business model barely had the opportunity to utilize online social media as a marketing vehicle to reach customers. It is interesting to see Ray-Ban quickly realized the utility and effectiveness of online social media and became fairly active in several popular social media channels.  On the other hand, Maui Jim made its promising industry entry little over ten years ago that happens to be the beginning of golden era of internet and online media. But surprisingly, Maui Jim took quite a long time to join some of the popular social media channels, for example, it joined Facebook in 2009 and twitter in 2010. This may be little odd to expect from a trendy, fashion company like Maui Jim. Even after they joined several channels, apparently they are not much aggressive in those channels and not actively building up their online assets. On the other hand, Ray-Ban is maintaining its moderately strong online footprints in multiple social media channels.

Let’s have a quick stat on both of their online social media presence across popular channels:


Ray-Ban has 70 times more likes on its Facebook pages than that of Maui Jim, and has 22 times more followers in Twitter. It is noticeable that Maui Jim is very active in tweeting almost everyday of the week with several tweets each day, while Ray-Ban is little sporadic in tweeting, on an average daily one tweet. Maui Jim even responds to every question and concern of its customers and gets engaged in a chain of conversation in twitter. Maui Jim has presence in Instagram, while Ray-Ban doesn’t. That potentially implies Maui Jim’s intention to share and attract fan base much with its fancy sea beach and vacation photos from Hawaii and similar locations. Ray-Ban has a bit of passive presence in Pinterest with only 3,527 followers, while Maui Jim doesn’t even have any footprint in Pinterest yet.


(Photo above is courtesy of http://www.ray-ban.com/)

Ray-Ban’s virtual mirror is a cool feature that lets you try-on various shades virtually being on your computer webcam. This reflects Ray-Ban’s marketing efforts to engage prospective customers online and converting some percentage of those interactions into potential online sales. Overall, in terms of online presence, Ray-Ban has much stronger footprint and larger fan base than Maui Jim. It seems both companies are having a head to head fight only in twitter channel. It is prevailing that both the companies seem to be pretty slow in adopting online and content marketing strategies. They are still not exploiting the power of social media at its full extent. Now, only the time will show us, if Maui Jim can effectively strategize and act in tapping into the potential of social media for content marketing or if Ray-Ban takes its activity to the next level in all the social media channels to achieve growing fan and customer base.


Maui Jim:-


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