How do you roll – Red or Green?

We had wonderful weather this weekend – wouldn’t you agree? It was good enough that I even had an opportunity to get some gardening done around the farm, which gave me ample opportunity to contemplate a bit of comparison of my machinery as I soaked up the rays (and got some of the “honey-do’s” done). I have a very new Mahindra 7060 that I use for some of the work such as tilling and material handling, I also have a John Deere 6300 which can do much of the same, but not exactly. While both are reasonable the same horsepower, the Mahindra is compact and quite sturdy; I can easily do work in the greenhouses, out in the fields and the short wide wheel-base makes it a very stable platform on uneven ground. The John Deere is large and tall, so work inside enclosed spaces is not recommended. On steep terrain, it is not as comfortable; since the high center of gravity makes it an uncomfortable ride. One thing that the John Deere does excel at is that the operator controls are very friendly and easy to use, such as no clutch shifting and automatic (Power-shift™). The Mahindra, well it does kind of act like a Willy’s jeep in the operator controls area – no frills, just total utilitarian.

So, I also decided to look at their methods and channels of outreach, since these are two quite large companies – and I was quite surprise on what I found:

John Deere ( has been in business since 1837, and value integrity, quality, commitment and target markets in the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India and China. The company’s outreach is through its dealerships, TV, Radio, email, Facebook (211,648 likes), Twitter (2474 tweets), YouTube (581 videos), LinkedIn (110,581 followers), Instagram and RSS. This is pretty impressive, but the content is more to impress shareholders and current owners of the products. There is no discussion or comparison of other makes – the entire message is nothing but green and yellow.

Mahindra ( is much like its products, touch and utilitarian. The company has only been around since 1945 – first building Willy’s jeeps for the growing Indian continent, and through partnerships with International Harvester into tractors. Their channels of outreach are via the website, Facebook (1837 likes), Twitter (471 Tweets), and YouTube (69 videos) and most content is comparison of Mahindra products to all competitor, with side-by-side comparison of comparable John Deere, New Holland and Kubota products. There is a sense that Mahindra is out to penetrate the market and to show that, for the price, their products out-perform, out-lift and out-pull all the competition and they tout themselves as the largest agricultural manufacture in the world – but how can that be?   I never have seen a TV Ad, no radio spots, nothing…but I somehow ended up owning one. Then I looked farther to the parent company, Mahindra-Mahindra ( and the picture becomes much clearer on the outreach, in addition to the above mentioned channels, the parent company is pushing information out through another 300 channels, from 100zakladok to ZingMe – Mahindra is definitely pushing for market penetration in this market space and others as well: Aerospace, defense, hospitality, leisure, real estate and much more.

I’ll wrap up by sharing my final observations – John Deere, New Holland, Kubota, Lamborghini, Fiat, Case/IH and others best beware of the tenacity and drive to compete that Mahindra is demonstrating of you may find yourself in a similar predicament as the Big-3 when Toyota meant business.



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