Honda and Toyota – Same roots, different Social off (springs)!!


Both organizations are well known Japanese automakers consistently striving to increase their market share in US by launching new models and improving their reliability and comfort year over year. Toyota is focused only on passenger cars and trucks whereas Honda offers a wide range of products in US market ranging from generators, cars and even private jets as follows:

  • Honda Power equipment’s – generators, lawn movers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, trimmers,
  • Honda Automobiles – Cars, trucks, Suvs, Minvans, Alternative fuels, sports, fuel efficient
  • Honda Marine – portable to large motor boat engines
  • Honda Power sports –  ATVs, scooters, motorbikes
  • Honda Jet – Jet airplanes

Social Media Presence: Following comparison shows striking difference of each company’s social media presence, its followership and activity on top 5 channels.


Overall Honda and its followers seemed to be far more active than Toyota. Both organizations have been active in posting news and updates about their new products and contest keeping their consumers engaged. I did not see either of them using these channels to receive or update on consumer complaints like many others in the industry. Upon further investigation, I found out that the local Honda dealer in Kirkland is using Twitter channel more effectively than its Toyota rival by posting information about referral bonuses as follows.


I think this is a great idea to promote sales by using peer to peer advertising. Local Toyota dealer on the other hand is using their twitter account to post updates on their new building in Kirkland.

My suggestion to both of these organizations is open channels of communication to receive compliments and complaints about their dealerships. This will allow them to gain direct information about their performance and even assist them in gaining more market share in after sales service from small mom-pop stores.

– Kulkarni2014



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