Homeless In Seattle: A social media profile


(photo credit: Rex @ Homeless In Seattle)

Homeless In Seattle is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of homelessness in greater Seattle.  Their objective is to humanize the issue by creating a narrative, profile, and high-def photograph of a different homeless individual virtually every day.





Content Calendar: As mentioned, they wish to publish a new piece once per day.  Their Facebook posts coincide with blog entries on their Tumblr page (follow link), and Twitter/Pinterest/Google+ activity is more sporadic.

Contributors: From what I can gather, the blog and all associated channels are all operated by a single contributor.

Message: By issuing profiles, photographs, and stories, the goal is to humanize his subjects, and help remind us all that we’re all just soulful people.  In doing so, the blog hopes to ultimately generate awareness and donations for other associated agencies.

Outreach: The target audience are Seattle locals, people with a conscience, those who may pass homeless brethren and perhaps next time consider stopping to share a dollar or a chat.




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