Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, and Vancouver Whitecaps

Soccer is #1 sport in the world, and all three soccer FCs in Pacific Northwest heavily exploit social media to attract/serve their fans.  Sounders has the most number of fans, Whitecaps  uses the most number of social media channels, and Timbers is the only one (among these 3 clubs) that uses Feed.

Not surprisingly, among all the social media channels, Facebook ranked #1 in terms of the number of likes/follows for all the 3 clubs.  On the other hand, it’s worthwhile to note that 1) Foursquare is becoming popular in soccer fans, and 2) Whitecaps has attacked about 142K fans via Google+.  Sounders may consider  exploiting Foursquare and Google+, too.

Table: Social media data as of 4/14/2014

Seattle Sounders Portland Timbers Vancouver Whitecaps
Facebook (likes) 399K 171K 104K
Twitter (followers) 103K 61K 61K
Instagram (followers) 30K N/A 30K
Pinterest (followers) 1.2K 0.8K 0.4K
Foursquare (follows) N/A 18.7K 16.3K
Feed N/A Y N/A
Youtube(subs) N/A 4.3K 5.3K
Google+ (followers) N/A N/A 142K

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