Natural running shoes – Altra vs Newton

If you’re shopping for a pair of running shoes these days, in addition to typical choices like Nike and Asics, there are many other brands that put stronger emphasis on efficient and natural running versus conventional heel striking design. I’ve been a forefoot runner for almost a decade now; two brands that have gained tremendous popularity are Altra and Newton. Both of them are very community-oriented and focus on bio-mechanically proper design. I’m gradually adding more miles to my weekly training regimen and are in the market for a pair of lightweight running shoes for 10K and half. As I’ve been going through their blogs and social media, so I thought this would be a great opportunity and use it for this assignment.

Forefoot striking vs heal striking

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.12.39 PM


Social media comparison

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.12.59 AMSocial media strategies

Altra Running  

twitter – A platform to provide quick feedback from recent experience. For instance, ‘8th place finish at Sonoma 50!’ Not the best place to get product data, more to do with camaraderie and community.

facebook – A platform to cultivate social culture and identity of ultra-runners, a lot of inspirational quotes and posts by local elite runners.

Instagram – Pictures of running and promotional events.

Pinterest –  More or less the same as Instagram but with the focus on proper running technique.

blog –  Running tips, foot positioning, diet advice, ultra marathon, coaching advice and injury prevention.

youtube – Definitely the most informative it terms of product features and functions.


Newton Running 

twitter – Shoes demo, promotional and product updates, for instance instagram the training to win $1000 in gear with Newton Running.

facebook – People post questions and ask which Newton is best and suits well with their running style. Newton often uses it for product announcements.

Instagram – Professional pictures of sponsored athletes, like Craig Alexander.

Pinterest –  Pictures of product lineup, its technology and running gear.

blog –  Stories from local celebrities and articles about promotions, technology, testimonials, nutrition and overcoming injury.

youtube – Running tutorials that focus on the benefits of forefoot running and product comparison.



Both Altra running and Newton running are very active with their social media activities. Altra running uses social media to build a community and create a lifestyle for those who enjoy running long distance. The focus of their social media strategy is about the unique culture, etiquette (take better care of our trails, tweet below) and characteristics of these elite runners. Many posts are about traveling and running in different countries; many of their followers are seasoned pros.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.57.27 PM

Newton running, on the other hand, uses social media to showcase their products and promote better running technique; definitely more marketing centric. #CustomerCorner provides product comparison and discusses good running form. The focus of their social media strategy is more about education, running technique, correcting bad habits and choosing the right pair of running shoes.

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