Local Pet Boarding…Peninsula Pet Lodge Vs Paradise Pet Lodge

When I was just 15 I worked for a dog boarding kennel, the Peninsula Pet Lodge.  I worked there until I was 18 and left for the Navy.  My boss had quite the entrepreneurial mind, and added many services to the menu in just my few years working there.  I think she was one of the first in the area to offer doggy day care, which I got to pretty much run initially.  Talk about a fun job, playing with dogs all day long and not much else…pretty sweet.

As we have learned a lot about business management and entrepreneurship, I often think back to this business and my old boss.  I wonder at what rate she continued to grow the business, and how.  That is why I decided to look into the social media presence of the Peninsula Pet lodge and compare it to a company that many people I know have also used.  Below is the breakdown of what I found.  Sadly it does seem that Peninsula Pet Lodge uses social media more of for a marketing hobby than an actual social engagement tool, at least when you compare them to the Paradise Pet Lodge and their level of engagement.


Peninsula Pet Lodge uses Facebook

Paradise Pet Lodge uses both Facebook and Twitter


Peninsula Pet Lodge posts pictures of boarding pets every now and then, maybe twice a month, and advertises specials about as often

Paradise Pet Lodge posts pictures and info about boarding pets almost every day.  The Twitter feed seems to match the Facebook page for content.

Community Engagement:

Peninsula Pet Lodge only references themselves in posts and not any local veterinarians or animal causes

Paradise Pet Lodge seems fairly engaged in the pet community and posts information related to other businesses or charities as well as dog show results



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