Local Craft Beer Face(book) Off


If you find yourself doing homework on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Seattle, you might be wishing you had a refreshing craft beer in hand.  If that is the case, then I would recommend something from Bale Breaker Brewing Company or Fremont Brewing.

Seattle is known for coffee, music and rain.  Second only to Portland Oregon, Seattle is also known for it’s craft breweries and beers.  For the Seattleites that are craving a new way to define themselves, they may find their calling from the robust aroma and taste that comes from the area’s finest brews.  Both Bale Breaker and Fremont have a single location.  Both have tasting (more like drinking) rooms, where you can take in the scenery, learn all about the beer idiosyncrasies, and have a great time with friends and family.  Although they are small family-owned breweries, you can find their beers on tap in certain pubs and at local specialty markets.

The craft beer culture is unique and fosters drinker loyalty.   It is through this light that we see how these two brewing companies utilize the social media tools available.

First some basic facts:

Fremont Logobeer

 Bale Breaker Fremont Brewing
Year Established: 2013 2009
Hometown: Moxee, WA Seattle, WA
Tasting Room: Yes Yes
# of Year Round Beers: 2 4
# of Seasonal Beers: 2 12
Swag Available: Yes Yes

These breweries are well known within their communities, and have little desire to be in the mass market.  Fans are willing to pay a premium in order to enjoy the uniqueness that comes with the label, which would not be so if the brands were similar to Anheuser-Busch or Molson Coors.  It appears that both firms engage in social media as a means to solidify their brand loyalty and not necessarily as a means to reach the mass market.  This is demonstrated by the channels they are in and the limited content they share.

  Bale Breaker Fremont Brewing
Website URL: http://balebreaker.com http://www.fremontbrewing.com
Address: https://twitter.com/BaleBreaker https://twitter.com/fremontbrewing
Tweets: 568 3,933
Followers: 983 7,079
Following: 244 1,612
Address: facebook.com/balebreaker facebook.com/pages/Fremont-Brewing-Company
Likes: 3,837 5,148
Posting: Weekly Weekly +

Both breweries mostly post local beer-drinking and community events on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  This seems to follow the community based mentality that accompanies these craft breweries and their cult-like following.  They also post updates on the current beer selection on tap and the places one might find their respective beers.   Fans and followers are eager to post and share special occasions, but only when their favorite beer is in hand.

It seems both breweries use their limited social presence to enhance their followers experience.   It appears to be a part their respective social cultures and not simply a marketing exercise.  I would speculate that too much social media engagement would lead to clutter that would make their followers disengage.  Part of the appeal to their respective brands, is the fact that it can only be appreciated by beer drinkers with a ‘refined pallet.’  Much like the current trend of a hipster,  there is an inherent ‘cool’ factor that will diminish once adoption reaches a critical mass.  Both are currently growing both in customer base and beer selection, but want to remain known as a local craft brewing company.  It will be an interesting year as we see how these two fine craft breweries move forward and continue to utilize social media.


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