Fine Solutions AX Practice vs Arminino McKenna AX Practice

As regional Microsoft Dynamics AX partner, Fine Solutions and Arminino are the two premier mid-tier Microsoft Dynamics AX Partners. Their approach to social media however is quite different.Fine Solutions has a dedicated team to leverage social media, and they take a guerilla marketing approach to social media that is designed to generate leads. Their social media outlets include a LinkedIn Page, a twitter feed, Microsoft PinPoint as well as posting ads on eBay and craigslist. Fine posts to each of these sites on a weekly basis. The basic premise of the Fine Solutions approach is to score high in page rankings so that prospective customers will notice them and contact them for services.

Arminino McKenna on the other hand has a presence on Facebook that receives posts sporadically (recently it has been monthly, but they have times where they go nearly a year between posts), an active Twitter feed (, and they do have a page on Microsoft Pinpoint Arminino’s biggest social presence however is a series of blogs at where they present themselves as subject matter experts within the Microsoft Dynamics Community.

Both firms are successful at creating leads with their social media campaigns, but Fine appears to be better at leveraging their activities and turning them into sales leads, whereas Arminino appears to be more successful in defining themselves as subject matter experts.

By TJ Filley

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