Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi

If you’ve ever attended a Monday night class at EEC, you’ve seen me throw back my share of Diet Cokes so you know my preference. Here is an unbiased look at the social media differences between these big league competitors in the diet soft drink market. Both Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi have a strong presence on the major multi-media sites but there are some differences too.

  Diet Coke Pepsi
Website Only Pepsi site


Face Book    
Likes 2,615,339 782,771
People talking about 5,089 1,318
Events 20 0
Timeline back to 1980 2010
Posts since Jan 1 45 74
Videos 44

Diet Coke has a greater following on Face Book and yet Diet Pepsi posts roughly three times more posts. Diet Coke seems more random and posts about every three days. Diet Pepsi posts something consistently every day. Diet Coke makes use of posting both videos and events while Diet Pepsi does not.


Tweets 8,178 5,829
Following 786 1,300
Followers 278K 796K

On Twitter, Diet Pepsi seems to have a more aggressive and coordinated strategy. As a result it has both more follows and has a much larger following than Diet Coke.


Followers 233
Following 114
13 Boards 13 111
Pins 477 2150
Likes 206
Address None

Diet Coke has a Pinterest page while Diet Pepsi’s boards are more grass roots and much more active. Many of Diet Pepsi’s boards seem to center around fashion and pins which tie Diet Pepsi to viewers sense of fashion.

Views 9,372,884 186,455,176
Subscribers 5,466 708,794
Joined January 13th,2006 November 1, 2005

YouTube is dominated by Diet Pepsi with 186M views versus Diet Coke’s 9.3M. The wide disparity in numbers can be attributed to Diet Pepsi’s approach of liking other people’s videos that don’t have anything to do with Diet Pepsi while Diet Coke’s videos are mostly about Diet Coke


In closing, both Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi have made good use of social media and have developed quite a following. As the winner of soft drinks taste tests are ambiguous, so too are the social media wars. While there is no clear winner, each brand has its social media platform of preference and it is clear that both will be around for years to come.



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