Boeing vs Airbus

Both companies compete to own the crown of number of orders and deliveries and very often that precious crown does not stay long with either one due to various reasons. They learned to reap the benefits of most efficient social media to display their commitment to innovation and target their end customers.

Rivalry among Boeing and Airbus is very interesting among many corporate rivalries. Both companies accuse each other of the unfair aids they receive from the respective governments (US & European governments). The WTO trade litigations between Boeing and Airbus must remind both giants and all involved about existence of business ethics before it is too late. Both companies compete to lure global governments with outsourcing opportunities and try to win airplane orders. Competition is so intense that their orders depend on outsourcing, advanced technology, choice of engine, currency, airline operators, cabin interiors, global economic and political stability. Since 2004 until March 2014 Boeing received 8663 orders and delivered 4619 whereas Airbus received 9036 orders and delivered 4915 (Wikipedia). Both the companies have strong presence in social media.
However, Boeing and Airbus knows they can’t sell planes on twitter but they are clear about their goals that can be achieved through social media. “Boeing wants to position itself as a “forward thinking, thought leading driver of innovation in the industry” ( and Boeing management believes social media offers the most efficient tools to achieve that goal. Boeing learned it in hard way in 2010 from an eight year old boy. Very interesting interview about Boeing social media and Boeing’s success story at

Boeing also negatively affected by social media when 787’s were grounded due to battery problems. The negative social media effect on Boeing trouble was nicely described at

Airbus wants to drive awareness among global audience about their product launches and commitment to innovation and excellence. Airbus promotes tweets targeted to interested global audience and recent A350 XWB first flight was a success which attracted 4000 new followers in one day.

How Many social media channels do they participate in?
Boeing: Company website, Facebook, Facebook careers, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, tumbler, E-mail subscriptions/RSS feeds through 290 channels, regular press releases, TV media releases, Boeingblogs, and Google+.
Airbus: Company website, E-mail subscriptions, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook careers, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, tumbler, press releases, Google+ and podcast on iTunes.

How often do they participate in those channels?
Boeing: Regular press releases, Regular Randy’s journal tweets, not much activity on Facebook page, Regular updates and participation on Boeing careers with about 1500 daily participants, e-mail notifications through various e-mail channels, main stream media updates, and constant updates to their website.
Airbus: Regular press releases, Airbus promoted tweets targeted at interested audience, constant updates to Facebook page, e-mail notifications through various e-mail applications, main stream media updates, and constant updates to their website.

How engaged are their communities?
Boeing: 151,000 followers on twitter with 3580 active tweets and 194 daily active followers, 298,795 followers on LinkedIn, 79,365 likes on Facebook, 86,005 subscriptions on YouTube with thousands of views on each video, 47,514 actively engaged Boeing lovers on Instagram and 131,000 likes on Facebook careers. Boeing actively updates and shares content in all these channels except Facebook.
Airbus: 545,701 likes and 30,297 active followers on Facebook, 72,942 subscribers on YouTube with thousands of views on each video, 189,000 followers on twitter with 3615 active tweets and 594 daily followers, 148,293 followers on LinkedIn, 14,182 Instagram followers and 61 daily participants. Airbus actively engages its community with regular shares and content updates through all the channels including Facebook.
-Narendra Seethammagari

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