McDonalds vs BurgerKing

What’s up TMMA fast food lovers! Put your hands up if you’ve had sinful midnight junk food cravings. Where you gonna go? McD or BK? Big Mac or Whopper? Here’s a quick look at their social media footprints and see if that changes your mind. In case you’ve noticed the #MissingB at the beginning of this paragraph, you’ll find it somewhere at the end.

McDonald Burger King
   Likes 30,536,439 6,867,008
   Posting Almost daily Almost daily
   Tweets 20.3K 6,970
   Following 13.6K 3,290
   Followers 2.27M 575K
   Subscribers 24,375 28,080
   Views 10,632,332 1,490,214
   Followers 129,617 11,102
   Following 40 29
   Posts 93 159
   Views 882,749 3,026,002
   Followers 28,440 21,862

McD clearly has a bigger virtual fan base than BK. It looks like McD started investing in social media relatively early and probably has invested a little bit more on maintaining their online presence than BK. McD has bigger presence in every social media except for G+, where their views number is smaller than BK’s. Even so, McD still has more followers on G+ than BK. McD’s online image seems to have stayed relatively on the friendlier side, while  BK stays relatively on the edgier side. That aligns to their traditional corporate image more or less.

As far as posting cadence, both companies try their best to keep their content fresh and up to date. Again, McD has way more YouTube videos than does BK. McD also does a pretty good job keeping their video portfolios interesting and diverse. There are funny commercials with famous athletes, as well as heart warming stories about McD fries made from potatoes farmed by a Washington farmer, who is #Hardworking, #SecondGenerationImmigrant, #Hispanic, #AmericanDreams, etc. (How many different customer segments can one character target? Kudos to McD marketing team.)

I would say both companies does a fairly decent job keeping up their online presence and stay connected with their younger generation customers through various social media channels. For those of you still looking for the #MissingB, that would be in the crave-satisfying #BKWhopper I just had;)


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