Welcome to Spring 2014 Quarter

So why does a TMMBA class have a public facing blog? Why are assignments submitted in a such a way that the whole world can view them?

One of the main themes that will be surfaced during this class is the idea of a “social culture.”  The social culture permeates not just friend groups, but small businesses and large corporations.

You all likely have co-workers who are leveraging the social culture inside their organizations to accelerate their career paths, defining themselves as subject matter experts in channels where their higher-ups can notice them.

You’ll be writing about companies, products and social media tools on this blog. Some of you will get responses from the marketing people at these companies. You’ll be able to tell who the really smart companies are, because they will reach out to this group of 100 Technology MBA’s in one of the country’s technology epicenters,  and ask you to demo their products.

Also, this class – and this blog especially – is a safe sandbox to experiment with new ideas. Try types of content or writing styles you might not put on a personal blog or LinkedIn profile. Test what works and what doesn’t. Have some fun with this form of media.

Above all, see if you can figure out how a social culture can benefit you.


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  1. I still cannot post to the group blog 😦

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