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YouthCare – Engaging, Stablizing and Preparing troubled youth to succeed in future

Youthcare has been offering service to locals in Seattle since 1974. Their main purpose of existence is beyond just providing food and shelter to the homeless youth. They take special efforts to provide opportunities for kids between ages of 18 to 24 to stand on their feet and acquire skills that will assist them to earn a normal living as well as become independent in life.

Currently, they offer 4 major employment training programs such as: Tile project, Barista Training and Education Program, Youth Tech and YouthBuild. Each program is focused on key skills development   e.g: the tile project focuses on ceramic skills, the barista training program focuses on operations in coffee shops.

YouthCare also has partnered with various other organizations to offer subsidized living for kids who are just getting started as well as train them in money matters and saving techniques before the kids decide to move into an independent apartment on their own.


Calvin is one of the individuals whose life has been transformed by YouthCare’s help. He came to the United States from the West African nation of Liberia when he was 14, having never set foot inside a classroom. Living with his aunt, his only family in the U.S., he struggled to adapt. He ended up spending about two years on the streets, running with the wrong crowd — but knowing that he needed to change his life. Finally he came across YouthCare’s drop in facility where he received well needed attention and support to regain his confidence and get his GED and also become a captain of his soccer team. He is now well prepared to face the future and succeed in life with flying colors.

Calvin's photo

Sadly, such strong motives and initiatives do come with a high price tag even if it is for a non-profit organization. YouthCare faced some harsh financial challenges in the recent past which could have threatened their existence until King County and City of Seattle came forward to their rescue. The organization is still in operation and relies of good deeds of fellow philanthropists to come together and help them meet their basic needs for hygiene, clothing, travel packs and food.

On behalf of Puget Sound Youth in Focus team, I request you to spread the word and create awareness amongst your friends and family members who might be interested in giving a helping hand to such organization but don’t know where to direct their assistance.

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Did YOU know THIS about Homelessness???

Is the problem of homelessness getting Better or Worse in Seattle?

Foster Wings

On a night in January 2013,


3,123 people in King County had no shelter

During the 2013 Count, volunteers found 2,736 people surviving outside without shelter.

*The count does not include those who are staying in shelters and transitional housing, who are counted separately.

How can you help?
Visit to find out how you can:

  • Attend a free “Homeless Advocacy 101” workshop on Feb. 1: learn about the issues and speak up
  • Volunteer for an organization that addresses the needs of homeless people or,
  • Support the Coalition’s work through a financial donation. Donations this month will be matched, up to $10,000, providing a unique opportunity to double the impact of your gift. –




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Soccer for TMMBA class

Our MBA study group tries to promote soccer in class.

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by | April 26, 2014 · 7:42 pm

How about some golf, kids?

How about some golf, kids?

Excellent way to get active and learn important life lessons from the game of Golf.

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by | April 26, 2014 · 9:45 am

How about some golf, kids?

How about some golf, kids?

Great way to get active and learn important life lessons from the game of Golf.

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by | April 26, 2014 · 8:47 am

Helpline Foodbank of South Kitsap

For more than 3 decades Helpline Food bank has been providing food to those in need in the South Kitsap area.  They have partnered with local businesses as well as volunteers to raise awareness and funds to feed local families.  They have a nice, easy to navigate website ( that allows all users to navigate how they can provide assistance, or can be assisted if they are the ones in need.    Helpline has social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, but after my additional like, is now up to a grand total of 905 likes  on Facebook and only 204 followers on Twitter, despite the fact that they helped feed over 53,000 children and adults last year alone.

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

The posts to Facebook mostly revolve around the calendar of events with one or two inspirational media items thrown in a month.  There does not seem to be a pattern to the posts that are made other than this.  So in a very rough form, I believe their own calendar to ensure awareness of upcoming events.

How many people contribute to the social channels?
It appears they have an administrator who does the contribution.
What is the message they are getting across?
The main message is that there is an issue (people are going hungry) and ways that you can help via events and purchasing plants from the nursery they run.
Who are they trying to reach?
Local residents and businesses who are positioned to provide help.



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Introducing Puget Sound Youth Enrichment


Puget Sound Youth Enrichment’s mission is to help Seattle area youth find fun and enriching extracurricular activities that match their passion!

We promotes organizations that offer opportunities such as:

  • Volunteering
  • Active lifestyle
  • Special skills development
  • Education
  • Enhancing social skills
  • Music, Arts and culture

Follow us on:

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Discover the real NATURE ( not on TV) !!

This is first week of our teams attempt to find enriching activities for kids, young and adult and steer them away from prolonged television watching or playing video games. As we continue our search and try to bring new activities and organizations to table please share your comments, likes and dislikes about our posts so we can focus on activities which would interest you more.

Today we would like to share so details about Islandwood, a small organization focused teaching kids, young and adults about nature in a natural settings. They are conveniently located at 4450 Blakely Ave. NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 . Family and schools can book a trip to this venue to have a fun filled and enlightening experience of nature.  

Islandwood offer various programs like summer camps, school overnight programs, brightwater center, homewater center etc to suite various learning needs. Spread over 255 acres of forested trails, wetlands, and unique outdoor venues, IslandWood invites children into nature and into their imaginations. There is no particular age group that  is targeted in this program but often teachers of 4th and 5th graders find more relevance to their coursework in schools.


And like a real school, this organization rewards teachers with a  $2500 and $5000 awards who take initiative to create learning experience that makes a difference in kids and their community.  

e.g: Cheryl Milton, First Place School received a Patsy Collins award in 2013 for her contribution to teach underprivileged students about community, responsibility and recycling.   

Recycling initiative and Waste treatment training: The programs also offer an option to learn about easy and simple ways of recycling and also teaches kids on checking water quality and waste treatment plant which is located nearby.

In summary, we think this is a next perfect destination for you and your family to spend summer at. Please contact them for specific and updated course information.

Thank you,

Breaking Roles Team   





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by | April 21, 2014 · 10:33 pm

Seattle Union Gospel Mission

logo (1)

Organization: Seattle Union Gospel Mission


Mission: Seattle Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in Seattle. Seattle Union Gospel Mission serves, rescues and transforms those in need until we’ve solved the root causes of poverty and homelessness. 



Social Media Presences:

Twitter: (Tweets: 2581, Following: 480, Followers: 1,011)

Facebook: (Likes: 11,325, Talking about this: 1,678)

Instagram: (Posts: 74, Folllowers: 85, Following: 27)

Pinterest: (Board: 9, Pins: 33)

Youtube: (Subscribers: 60)

Do They Have Content Calendar?

Seattle UGM posted on Facebook every day. Very similar posts are posted on Twitter as well by converting the post to the tweet format. Couple techniques that they did, they make the post shorted, they added hashtags, pictures and links. I would think that they do have content calendar that they post. Many of the contents are date specifics. For example they published several content about easter yesterday.

How many people contributes to the social channel?

It is not clear to me how many people contributed to the social channel. I suspect that they have more than one public relations interns that manage their social media efforts. In their jobs site, they listed that they are looking for interns to help them in the social media efforts.

What is the message they are getting across?

They are trying to relay message that everyone can help to fight poverty in our local area by providing emergency care and long term recovery services for hurting and homeless people. They are challenging us to contribute to fight poverty in the Seattle area by joining them and tackle problems in the area of Hunger, Homelessness, Poverty, High Risk Youth and Addiction. They have various programs ranging from addiction recovery, transitional housing, emergency food and shelter, as well as various ministry. Their message is fighting poverty in the Seattle area is community effort and we are all can make difference by pitching in.

Who are they trying to reach?

Volunteers and donors.



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Ride Rail Video

YouTube Video


Team Braun

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by | April 19, 2014 · 2:46 pm

Join Zen Mobile Games on twitter!

Zen Mobile Games

Join Zen Mobile Games on twitter! @ZenMobileGames


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Excellent job by Soccer4Seattle to capture yoots playing soccer on a cloudy Saturday.

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by | April 19, 2014 · 10:29 am

Socially Responsible? Really? What’s Your Slavery Footprint?

Check out this interview of a seemingly socially responsible guy, who was shocked and embarrassed to find that 56 slaves support his posh, Patagonia-buying, whole foods shopping West Seattle lifestyle. Find out YOUR slavery footprint at today!

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by | April 19, 2014 · 10:21 am

What Good Looks Like: A Social Media Analysis of Made-in-a-Free-World


Human trafficking is a $32B per year industry, involving more than 29 million victims. As you can imagine, there are more than a handful of people and organizations who are extremely pissed off about this injustice. When it comes to the slew of non-profits and NGOs fighting human trafficking, you can’t go far without bumping into the folks at Made In A Free World. Let’s start with their brilliant slavery calculation website, which is an incredibly innovative tool providing a dynamic assessment of the number of slaves that were employed to support the good and services YOU own today. Then there is MIAFW’s public action site, which has helped thousands of individuals send hundreds of thousands of letters to major businesses such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Intel, and thousands of others about their slavery practices– with responses of those organizations then being “graded” and tracked publicly. Both of these innovative services appear to be the product of content creators and activists at MIAFW. This group represents themselves as the formation of concerned business and individuals who have banded together under the shared mission of ending modern day slavery. Considering the fact that MIAFW is far more advanced than most of the other players in this space, our team at Slavery Stops Now has elected to examine a few critical areas pertaining to their social media strategy:

1. Does it look like they follow a social media content calendar?

Yes, it is clear that they are staying on top of their social media presence with a regularity that is far from random. There is a clear cadence of public awareness campaigns, events, original content, sharing of others’ content, and then the ever-present call to have followers fill out their slavery footprint survey or watch their movies, such as “Call + Response” or “I’m with Lincoln”.

2. How many people contribute to the social channels?

It is unclear whether more than one individual from their organization is contributing to their social media presence. On the MIAFW website, the bio page only goes into detail about their CEO, Justin Dillon… and with a resume like that, who can blame them! Their tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube video contributions are all made by the organization itself, without specific attribution to a particular employee of the organization. Considering the crossover of consistent messaging between Facebook and Twitter, I would say that each of these posts is being done by one very talented-yet-busy senior marketing person in charge of their social media content posting. On the creative side of their contributions, it is clear that MIAFW has a very strong in-house team as well as a remarkable external network in the arts and film industry, as evidenced by the number of high quality films and YouTube videos that they have produced and the media exposure they have gotten for these pieces.

3. What is the message they are getting across?

The folks at MIAFW are clearly working to raise awareness about the reality of modern-day slavery, as well as to create public pressure on businesses to reduce or eliminate the practices that lead to it. While a good smattering of their creative content appears to be produced in-house and is quite impressive, I believe the real impact of their efforts comes from the ripple effect of the people that they mobilize in the process of driving awareness campaigns. Their call to action continues to drive downstream ripple effects throughout the twittersphere and beyond.

4. Who are they trying to reach?

It seems MIAFW truly has an omnichannel approach to reaching businesses, governments and individuals in creative and impactful ways through major media channels. According to their website, CEO Justin Dillon has been commended by multiple presidents, and has appeared on dozens of venues such as CNN, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil, MSNBC, New York Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Ad Week, CBS, Fox, NPR, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Fast Company and others. Clearly MIAFW is trying to reach anyone and everyone who will listen… and it appears to be working.

In summary, the folks at Made In A Free World seem to be doing all the right things to get their message across to an extremely broad audience. From their creative content, to their viral calls to action, all of their messaging themes flow into the seemingly relentless drumbeat of their unstoppable social media campaign. Made In a Free World is clearly doing what it take to get noticed, and is making a very positive impact, despite the fact that they are dealing with an unsavory topic that makes the average person want to head in the opposite direction…

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Millionairclub – Providing jobs, food and other essential services to Seattle’s needy

Organization: Millionair Club


Mission: Since 1921 the Millionair Club Charity has changed thousands of lives by providing jobs and other essential support services to individuals who are homeless or unemployed in Seattle and King County.


Social Media:

  • Facebook:  [679 likes]
  • Twitter:  [1680 following, 680 followers]
  • Youtube:  [7 Subscribers]
  • LinkedIn:  [146 followers]

Giving Page:

Millionair club claims that it is funded entirely by private donations and 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to program services.

They don’t have a specific target they are trying to reach. Anyone who can donate or participate seems to be welcome to contribute. However, their social media presence is extremely weak and seems to be an afterthought.



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Great opportunity to change lives from Youth in Focus

Youth in Focus, supported by The Seattle Foundation – The message they are getting across is that they can change the life of at- risk youth ( age 13-19) who battle with racial, ethnic discrimination, poverty and homelessness by helping them to learn special skill trade like photography at no cost to the students.


Their social presence:

Facebook – 2569 Likes, 161 talking about them 4.7/5.0 rating

Twitter – 1846 tweets, 901 following, 742 followers

Flicker- 173 photos since 2007

I think its a great effort, we all should support it whole heartedly.

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Seattle Education Access – Providing higher education advocacy and opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity throughout King County

Organization: SEA – Seattle Education Access

Web Site:

Mission: Seattle Education Access provides higher education advocacy and opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity throughout King County



They have blogs posted for their cause. They have user testimonies, which is inspiring and compelling.

Promote the Cause: Using Twitter, Blogs and Facebook. Promote their events and see that we can help them raise more donations.

Twitter for SEA-


Facebook Page for SEA-

1,388 likes · 5 talking about this · 24 were here

Event Calendar:

Donation Page: : They have created donation page and publish the fund raising events.

I would categorize them as moderately active on social channels.

It doesn’t look like, they are following any calendar.

SEA is addressing to students and donors to generate the awareness towards their programs.

Following are some examples from Twitter:

To donors:

SEA ‏@voicesofsea  Dec 27

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible gift by December 31st! Visit our website to watch SEA alum stories… 

SEA ‏@voicesofsea  Dec 27

Thanks to everyone who has given to SEA’s Holiday Campaign. So far we have raised over $15,800 dollars – enough… 


To students:

SEA ‏@voicesofsea  Dec 19

Important update: the current version of the GED test will expire at the end of 2013 and the new 2014 GED test… 

SEA ‏@voicesofsea  Nov 4

Scholarship Opportunity Alert! The GSBA Scholarship Fund is accepting scholarship applications. Pride Foundation… 

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300 Youth are Homeless Every Night in Snohomish County


Website –   

Mission – Cocoon House fosters personal growth and healthy relationships to strengthen and empower at-risk and homeless youth and their families.

  • Established in 1991, Cocoon House has been Snohomish County’s only resource exclusively serving homeless and at-risk youth ages 13-17.
  • Cocoon House provides youth housing and other critical community -based services to youth, caregivers, families and the community.
  • Since inception we have increased shelter space by 350% and now house more than 230 youth each year.
  • In addition, through street outreach, prevention, education and a youth drop-in resource center, they reach over 1,000 youth, parents, and community members annually.

Who are they trying to reach?

Cocoon House  also has a couple social media channels it utilizes to reach their target audience. This target audience includes at risk youth, parents of at risk youth, individual donors, companies working with the United Way, volunteers, and social workers looking for employment opportunities. Their social media profiles include:

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

For their Facebook account, they post almost every single day. Looks like a general status update regarding recent events happening at Cocoon House related to the children or ways in which their target audience can get involved. They also post event information approximately 4-5 times a year. Their Twitter account follows a very similar content calendar as their Facebook posts. In regards to their Youtube channel, it does not appear that they follow a content calendar. They utilize YouTube mainly as an online storage space for video content that they display on their website or post on Facebook and Twitter.

 How many people contribute to the social channels?

Since they only have approximately 1 post per day on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, I would assume they have 1 staff member responsible for updating and maintaining their social media accounts. When they utilize YouTube, they have other people creating professional media for them or their organization is being featured in a news article.

What is the message they are getting across?

Their overall message is that through social services that focus on empowering youth, they can help young people now before the endless cycle of homelessness continues throughout adulthood. Most of their posts highlight the activities they put on as well as the services they provide. They also help spread awareness regarding statistics of homeless youth in Snohomish County and allude to why so many youth find themselves in situations that require Cocoon House’s services. Finally,


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Hospitality House Women’s Shelter


Hospitality House (HH) is a 9-bed facility located in Burien, WA, which provides a culturally-sensitive, safe and transitional (up to 90 days) shelter for single homeless women. Hospitality House is the only single women’s transitional shelter in South King County.

 The shelter, which began operations in October 2000, provides services to approximately 80 single homeless women each year.  Basic services include shelter, meals, and case management to assess needs, remove barriers, and assist in securing stable housing. The focus at HH is help women achieve self-sufficiency by developing individualized goals, directing them to available resources, encouraging them and helping them track their progress along the way. All of these services are offered to the residents free of cost.

HH is a 501 C-3 organization funded by donations from local churches, grants from the Seattle Foundation and other such sources as well as other donors. They have been financially stable for past 3 years. They have a website, a Facebook page and are profiled on The Seattle Foundation‘s site.

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

–       No, it doesn’t. Their posts on Facebook tend to be few and far between. Updates on their website are purely for new the announcement of new calendar events.

 How many people contribute to the social channels?

–       It appears that either one or two employees of Hospitality House contribute to their only social channel, Facebook.

Who are they trying to reach?

–       Their posts appear to be addressed to folks who already know about Hospitality House and follow them on Facebook. Their audience appears to be donors, churches and community groups in the Burien area, where Hospitality House is located.

What is the message they are getting across?

–       Their primary messages are informational: Details about events, lists for needs for the month, photos of events and activities, announcements about women who successfully complete the 90-day program etc.

–       Build awareness on public policy and legislation: A very small portion of posts are intended to build awareness on state legislation or public policy germane to homelessness or funding for institutions supporting shelters.

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Washington youth soccer : social behaviour

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

I am not able to see any pattern in their posting on social channels to conclude if they are following any calendars. The frequency of the posts are pretty regular though, once in every other day whether it’s sharing an external link or providing information on a specific soccer event.

How many people contribute to the social channels?

Mostly its one way posting on events, information sharing and promotional contents.
I do see in rare instances the followers discussing a post among themselves.

What is the message they are getting across?

They are definitely providing an awareness and promoting soccer across their community with the information on latest happenings in and around the soccer world.

Who are they trying to reach?

Soccer fans

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Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission


Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in Seattle. They plan to serve, rescue and transform those in need until the root causes of poverty and homelessness have been solved.

Does Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission follow a content calendar?

Although no pattern is apparent, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission posts to Facebook multiple times a day. Their strategy appears to be posting the stories and pictures of the homeless populations they serve and occasionally asking those with resources for assistance. On YouTube they similarly show videos of the lives that they have changed.

How many people contribute to the social channels?

Although individual Facebook posters are not identified, it is clear by the multiple posts a day that a team of individuals regularly contribute to their site.

They do not have a Twitter presence.

SeattlesUGM does have 80 YouTube videos posted.

What is the message Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is getting across?

Their purpose is to inspire with real life stories from the lives of the people they serve and to demonstrate the positive impact they are having in the community.

Who is Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission trying to reach?

They are targeting anyone in the community with an interest in the homeless and those who would be willing to donate to their cause.

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Social Media at the King County Emergency Feeding Program

The King County Emergency Feeding Program provides an infrastructure of feeding support to non-profits, government offices and other distributors of food to food-insecure audiences through pre-prepared, culturally targeted food bags and kits. As a supporter of key local hunger non-profits, it’s essential that the Emergency Feeding Program get attention and funding from the public. I had the opportunity to sit down with a board member from the program to discuss their social media participation and got some key takeaways.

Content Calendaring

The Feeding Program does have a content calendar, with most content supporting ongoing fundraising activities and events. A quick look at their most recent Twitter feed confirms this:


This content is mostly repeated on Facebook and supplemented through a robust email newsletter.


The primary contributor to all digital content is the Emergency Feeding Program’s Outreach Coordinator, who handles all social media and newsletter activties.

The Message

Most of the Emergency Feeding Program’s activity is focused on either driving traffic to fundraising events or thanking fundraising contributors after events. The message is largely, “We need money, so thank you for giving it to us.” There is also some light content regarding the mission of the program, but this is not as clearly front-and-center in the program’s content.

Target Audience

As the content is mostly related to fundraising, the Emergency Feeding Program is trying to reach potential and previous donors, particularly those who want to see the results of their giving or are considering giving to the program.


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Orca Network


Orca Network is a non-profit has a mission to raising awareness of whales in the pacific northwest and the the importance of providing them a safe and healthy habitat.  They have 5 active projects supporting this goal.  The organization is fairly well developed, having a board of directors, with 10 organization level supporters including the Tulalip Tribes, WA State Ferries, and Center for Whale Research.

Does Orca Network follow a content calendar?

The two most active social media platforms used by Orca Network are twitter and facebook.  Posts/tweets on both are in sync.  Over a 2 month period, Orca Network posted 21 Whale Sighting Reports and 28 links/photos.  They posted content about every other day and whale sighting reports as they occurred.  The Whale Sightings are reported by the public with a different person posting for each whale sighting.  This is done via web form submission

How many people contribute to the social channels?

Orca Network has an active presence on facebook, twitter, and youtube, and a google plus page which was set up but abandoned.  A dozen different people contribute to the whale sightings in an average month.  The content posting is likely done by 1-3 people.


What is the message Orca Network is getting across?

Orca Network uses social media to educate it’s subscribers with content links and raises awareness of whales with whale sightings posted to twitter and facebook in near real time.  Orca Network has many actions you can take such as donations, petitions, submitting comments to the NOAA Fisheries and watching Blackfish, the movie.

Who is Orca Network trying to reach?

The target audience is potentially anyone who is interested, fond of, and supporting of whales, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  However, they seem to be looking for more active, activists, if you will, based on the number of actions you can take to preserve habitat.  A google search of “whales northwest” has the orca network web page as 7th in the search ranking.  

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Costal Conservation Association

-Pick one organization related to the cause you are pursuing.
Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) is a non-profit organization with over 100,000 members geared up to educate public on conservation of marine resources to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public. CCA has 17 active state chapters spanning across Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic seaboard, and the Pacific Northwest. CCA was started in 1977 to combat commercial overfishing and currently battles for sustainable health of coastal fisheries.
-Does it look like they follow a content calendar?
Yes, it does look like they have consistent online content feeds through all of their social media channels. They have newsroom link where they post regular CCA news and articles. They have presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and e-mail updates for subscribers. CCA national Twitter account is very active with daily tweets. Twitter account is very well organized with very interesting headings including timeline. CCA Facebook page is also very active with daily updates and daily content sharing.
-How many people contribute to the social channels?
CCA National twitter account has 1581 followers and 631 active tweets, CCA Facebook has 17868 likes and 4324 active participants and participation is growing. CCA YouTube has less participation compared to Instagram and Facebook.
-What is the message they are getting across?
Basically trying to influence people how important the marine resources are and focused on attracting more member registrations and participation. They are showing their dedication to preserve marine resources and inspiring people to join the association. CCA news room is bringing latest information about fishing issues at local regions and federal government issues to public to take action from their website “take action” link. The CCA network is engaged in hundreds of local, state, and national projects that initiate scientific studies; fund marine-science scholarships; build artificial reefs; create finfish hatcheries; initiate hydrologic and contaminant studies; monitor freshwater inflows; support local marine law enforcement (Ref.
-Who are they trying to reach?
They are trying to reach public who enjoy marine activities such as fishing and wants conserve the marine resources for enjoyment of future generations and also people who can donate for the same cause. CCA is also looking for people who can buy CCA gear and contribute to CCA activities such as marine sciences studies, research, scholarships and support local marine law enforcement.

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compassion logo   Compassion International is a Christian child sponsorship organization, dedicated to releasing children from economic, physical, and spiritual poverty, Headquartered in Colorado Springs. It has a presence in 26 countries world wide. Founded in 1952 by Re. Everett Swanson to provide Korean War Orphans with good, shelter, education, and health care, as well as Christian teaching. Today they help over 1,200,00 children in poverty through sponsorship programs, education, health provisions and vocational training. Compassion international believes that poverty is deeper than the lack of food, clothing or shelter; it is a lack of hope. “To beat poverty, we must give children the opposite of poverty. But the opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of Poor is not rich. It’s enough. Enough to succeed; physically, socially, economically and spiritually.” (Dr Wesley K. Stafford President)

Compassion Internationals active communication channels








Google Plus

Does it look like they follow a content calendar? Yes it does. Compassion International posts programs, sponsorships, disaster relief efforts, and other programs on a regular basis to provide relief to the worlds most needy. The main website and blogs has regular challenges, you tube provides regular inspirational video of in the field inspirational video/experiences, twitter/facebook has regular event posting comments to let followers know of the latest happenings via content delivery.

How many people contribute to the social channels? For twitter compassion international has 12.6k tweets, via 154k followers. Facebook has over 287k likes. You tube’s professional video production work with views ranging from only a few hundred views to 144,542 views. Instagram has 20,603 followers for their 900 posts.

What is the message they are getting across? Compassion international is focused on :

  • Children in poverty and need, dying, starving, without health care who need help or they would not survive
  • Compassion international provides these group in person and financial need.
  • The message of enough to help the children succeed.

Who are they trying to reach?

Compassion international is trying to reach out to citizens across the globe, especially those with a religious background, who are able to help the poor via child sponsorship, monthly giving, one-time donations, special needs donations, medicines, clothing and food.


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Games for Change: Gaming the System for the Greater Good



Games for Change is a nonprofit organization which supports a humanitarian movement and community dedicated to using digital games for social change.

Does it look like they follow a social calendar?

Games for Change does seem to follow a social calendar – at least on Facebook. While they have an account on Twitter since 2011 it appears they’ve only posted a single tweet. They do have a Channel on Youtube, but it appears to be used mostly for videos of presentations by humanitarian game designers from their annual festivals (the most recent post was 9 months ago). Vimeo also has videos from their annual festivals as well as some awards shows related to socially conscious gaming. In both cases it appears they follow a calendar with one event: their annual festival. Similarly their flickr page is filled with images from festivals.

How many people contribute to the social channels?

On Facebook Games for Change has 7,566 likes and 147 people talking about them. They post from 1-3 posts per day on Facebook, and most of their posts earn from a handful to a couple dozen likes and occasional comments from fans. Their single post on Twitter has earned them 31 followers there. On Youtube their channel has 333 subscribers and on Vimeo they’ve posted 111 videos and have 2 likes and 6 people following.

What is the message they are getting across?

Their mission statement is “Catalyzing Social Impact Through Digital Games” and that message is omnipresent throughout their website and Facebook posts.

Who are they trying to reach?

Their aim is to reach potential stakeholders in this humanitarian and educational movement and provide a platform where committed philanthropists, non-profits, artists, developers and concerned citizens can come together to create change through digital gaming.

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Organization: Seafair
Do they follow a content calendar?
• Facebook: Yes. They have an active social media campaign where they post multiple times per day on Facebook on weekdays regarding upcoming events. They include scheduled posts on topics such as the weather and how it will impact events, as well as topical posts including shout outs to new sponsors and new event announcements.
• Twitter: Yes, similar to their Facebook calendar with links back to Facebook articles.
• LinkedIn: Yes, as more of an article based area for cross linking with sponsors
• They have an RSS feed
• Instagram: Yes, they have a daily post
• Tagboard: Yes, they cross link to their other feeds
• Pinterest: Yes, they cross link to their other feeds
• YouTube: No, but they post topical videos of events during the off season.

How many people post to the social channels?
They have a single logon to each channel for official posts and do not allow others to post to their channels.
• Facebook: 31,832 likes, 358 talking about, and 3228 were here.
• Twitter: 4,674 Tweets, 3218 following, 5,155 followers
• Instagram: 127 posts, 386 followers, 99 following
• LinkedIn: 335 followers
• Pinterest: 236 followers and 292 following
• YouTube: 279 subscribed

What is the message they are getting across?
They are announcing and promoting events, promoting sponsors, and trying to encourage participation

Who are they trying to reach?
They are trying to reach out to the people of the Puget Sound region to encourage building community through participation in Seafair events.

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MSC logo

Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

The Marine Conservation Society is a UK charity for the protection of the seas around the United Kingdom, and for the protection of the shorelines and wildlife, which was founded under the name of Underwater Conservation Society in 1977. In 1983, the name was changed to the Marine Conservation Society when it was officially registered as a charity.
The Society’s website ( is well organized, with regular news updates and a calendar showing the events planned for any given month. It does not look like the post adhere to a regular calendar schedule but rather they highlight events as they happen or approach. The links to the social channels are clearly visible at the bottom of the MSC’s main web page. MCS maintains a YouTube channel with 227 subscribers, which is not a huge number, but clearly it demonstrates that there is some interest from the public. The YouTube channel does not get maintained often, with the most recent uploads being posted almost a year ago. MSC utilization of Twitter is much higher, with daily updates and re-tweets of major environmental developments and news from mainstream media and other channels. MSC’s Facebook account is quite active as well, with 26,087 likes and regular updates (again, there is no pattern indicative of a calendar since the updates happen almost daily).

How many people contribute to the social channels?

It looks like MSC’s Facebook page, with 26,087 likes, is a popular place for environmentally concerned people. Its Twitter account has almost 14 thousand followers and follows 1,434 others. It sounds like the Marine Conservation Society has been utilizing the web and the social media very efficiently to promote their noble cause. It is not clear from the organization’s site how many people it employs to maintain its web presence and contribute to the social channels, but I assume that it has several dedicated employees and volunteers.

What is the message they are getting across?

The Society’s main goal is protection of the seas around the United Kingdom and the world. Their social campaigning revolves around creation of marine protection areas in the UK, preservation of the shoreline, diverse sea wildlife, and coral reefs, and promotes the multiple conservation projects, both in the UK and abroad, in which the Society is involved.

Who are they trying to reach?

MSC targets the widest audience possible, with the especial emphasis on the younger, environmentally minded people who can help to carry their message forward and also pitch in with the conservation projects.




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Activity Tree

Activity Tree is an organization that supports a cause similar to that of Puget Sound Youth Enrichment: providing ideas for classes, sports, and other activities to enrich kids.

 Does it look like they follow a content calendar?

No, their posts on both their blog and Facebook are fairly freeform, arriving at irregular intervals and covering a variety of topics, from inspirational quotes to links to kids’ activities.

 How many people contribute to the social channels?

It’s not clear exactly how many contribute, but it may be just a single person given the fairly low volume of content.

 What is the message they are getting across?

Inspire kids to stay enriched by finding activities they are passionate about.

 Who are they trying to reach?

The target audience is mainly parents.

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