Piwik: User Friendly, Free Online Analytics Too

Piwik is a free, Open Source Online Analytics Tool created in 2007. Currently, Piwik is used by almost 500,000 websites and upon my review, I think this number will only increase. As a true amateur in the online media space, I came across Piwik while doing a class project for a website we developed. I was looking for a user friendly, free tool to gain an understanding of our website’s traffic. Having never used an analytics tool before, I had very modest expectations. I was hoping to see how many people had visited our sight, when they visited, and where the visited from. Piwik far exceeded my expectations.

After a seamless and quick download, I was able to do see much more than I expected. Not only could I track the number of visitors and their geographical location, but I could see which Search Engines were used, how long they spent on the site, and if they visited again. This was insight I hadn’t expected, but was beneficial in terms of what specific future content we should post in order to reach our target audience. Even though I am not very technical, the Piwik’s layout is very intuitive and ridiculously easy to navigate. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the tool and increasing our viewership!




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