Crowdbooster is a social media analytic SAAS product offered by Conversely, Inc., a company formed by three Stanford graduates in 2010. Crowdbooster tracks, measures and reports the effectiveness of entries on multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Comments, replies, retweets, shares – all can be tracked in real-time so that response and reach can be measured and quantified immediately through reports and charts. The reach and engagement of individual Facebook posts can be viewed, giving companies the ability to see which messages were well received by their followers. Using this information, companies can make future messages more engaging for their audience. Fans and followers can be ranked based on how often and how they engage with posts, allowing companies to notice and recognize this loyalty. Social media professionals can also use the software to schedule tweets and posts to be released at the historically optimal time of day to ensure maximum reach.

One of the best features of Crowdbooster for companies seeking to expand their reach is the list of “influencial” twitter follower engagement (Crowdbooster uses Klout scores to determine “influence”). Using this information companies can interact with their most influential followers.

Though Crowdbooster does not offer a freemium service anymore, a free 30-day trial is available. An excellent review of Crowdbooster tools, complete with videos, is available at


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