SimpleMeasured – a free web based social media user report

SimpleMeasured is a web based social media analytics and report tool. It can generate a free report analyzing most of the social media channel, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Instagram, YouTube and Google+, and it can generate different type of analytics report. For example, for Facebook, it provides “Fan Page Report”, “Competitive Report”, “Insights Report”, “Content Analysis”, etc. Here is list of the different reports SimpleMeasured can generate.



Compared with some other analytic tools, the report generated by SimpleMeasured are not most rich, but it covers most of the useful data, and has some interesting unique information. For example, its Instagram report has time data to track during which time of the day most engagement happened.



The most part I like about SimpleMeasured is that it not only provide the data and analysis result, it also organize the analysis in a meaningful way for special purpose. And it can generates well formatted reports which can even be used directly.

Besides introduced above, SimpleMeasured also support exporting the report in Excel or PowerPoint format. And most importantly, it is a  free tool and all it asks in return is for you to send a one-time tweet about the report they offer. 


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