I have been trying out different social media analytics tools such as Twitonomy, Follower Wonk, Twenty Feet etc. to analyze key twitter metrics. Most of the tools require an upgrade to a professional version to get useful insights, I am impressed by the depth of data analytics and insights offered by the free version of Twitonomy. I would rate Twitonomy as one of the top analytics tools for Twitter data analysis.



I was able to sign in with my twitter account and as soon as I log in, most of the insights were available out of the box.  Also Twitonomy let me analyze any other public twitter accounts – This made it even more powerful.Twitonomy-Dashboard

As soon as you log-in to Twitonomy, the “Dashboard” shows a quick summary of your twitter account. “Profile” gives all the basic details such as average tweets/re-tweets per day, graph showing history of twitter activity, user engagement, influential users, hash tags used etc. You can also analyze the tweets by platform source which I thought was pretty cool.

If  you want to drill deeper into the tweets, definitely check-out “Mentions & RTs” section. This section provides a high level idea about the mentions trend for your account. You can also slice and dice mentions and understand how the users who talk about you are dispersed geographically. This section also offers insights into most influential and most active followers.

Mentions Map

The “Followers” and the “Following” sections just gives a dump of all your followers and people you are following respectively with some key information about everyone. Twitonomy does not slice and dice this data to give useful insights that Follower Wonk provides. If you want to download this data and create insights using excel, you are out of luck if you do not upgrade to “Premium”. This is something I did not like about Twitonomy.


Searching analytics for various users and hash tags is available in the “Search” section. However this is a premium feature @$20/month or $199/year. Premium membership also offers other features such as downloading data, backup etc. While search analytics may not be really useful for an individual user, having access to this feature will be really helpful for a business to analyze collaborators, influencers and competition.



In summary,  I would definitely recommend Twitonomy for individual users. I found it user friendly and it offers a number of key insights about Twitter in one place at no cost. At this point, the features offered under the premium membership does not really justify the $199/year subscription according to me.


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