SocialBakers – Analytics Pro

Well, SocialBakers does not bake cakes and breads but it seems to bake cake-like pie-charts and breadsticks-like graphs pretty neatly for social media. SocialBakers provides social media tools for measuring, comparing and contrasting the success of social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube. SocialBakers has been awarded 3 Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) badges one of which is for insights.

SocialBakers – Analytics Pro is SocialBakers’ analytics tool. It offers four paid plans but has a 14-day free trial period. I wanted to analyze Facebook and Twitter profiles that ConserveAqua uses extensively. So, I tried out the Basic plan that allows monitoring of three social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Analytics Pro breaks down the analytics into following sections based on the channel:

  • Fans/Followers – This section provides analytics about your fans or followers including their distribution, growth rate, people talking about your page, like/following patterns based on day of the week and much more.


  • Posts/Tweets – This section provides content analysis that includes high-level breakdown based on post types, content source, who posted/tweeted and deep dive into individual posts/tweets.


  • Engagement Rating – This section provides distribution of incoming and outgoing interactions, engagement rate,  sharability and interactions by post types and hours.


  • Key Influencers – This section tracks the most active users on the page.
  • Response Rate – This section measures the response rate and time to user questions.


For Facebook, Analytics Pro calculates a score for your page on a scale of 0% to 100%. This score is based on the growth of fans (10%), content (30%), engagement (35%) and quality (25%). A useful feature of Analytics Pro is the ability to compare analytics of two Facebook pages or Twitter profiles. This can be very helpful in comparing your social media campaign against your competitors. You can also download the analytics as an image or a csv file.


When I added the Facebook page on Analytics Pro, it took few hours to calculate most of the analytics which was surprising as our campaign ran only for few weeks. So, if you need instant detailed analytics, then this may not be the best tool.

Overall, SocialBakers – Analytics Pro is a very user-friendly tool for tracking and measuring your social media campaign.


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