SimplyMeasured: Social Media Reporting and Analysis

SimplyMeasured is a great and easy way to perform a lot of analysis on your page. You don’t have to be a paying member to get some good insights on your page as they also have some good free reports you can use. The Facebook fan page report will give you insights on your page’s traffic, how many posts do the admins posts, how many comments and like you got in the last two weeks. They even tell you based on engagement when is the best time to post.



There is also another very useful free report, the content analysis report, which gives you more information about engagement based on the content posted. You can get information on which content like videos or images is working most with your fans so that you can add more of it, and also which content is not working so well so you can improve it or just stop using it.


SimplyMeasured is super easy to use all it needs is the link to your page and your report will be ready in minutes give it a shot at


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