How far did your tweet go?

Have you ever wondered how far your tweets went? How many people saw it and who those people are? Well TweetReach can help you analyze the impact of their conversations on Twitter. One of the reasons that I like this social analytics tool is because it gives you a simple report on the impact of our efforts on social network, well specifically Twitter.

We are working on a social project with the purpose to raise hearing loss awareness and promote hearing health. We have a Twitter account named HearingZen with 261 followers currently. I hope that Twitter would give us more information on statistics and insight on our performance of this effort. However, Twitter seems to be more interested in the platform play and leave all the analytics to partners who will use their magic wands and generate create reports to make sense of user’s twitter data.

With TweetReach, I can search for any term, including a URL, keyword, hashtag, phrase, Twitter name, tweet text or combination of these, anything that appears in a tweet. Now I have a chance to test out the tool and see how popular HearingZen is. After I authorize TweetReach to pull our HearingZen Twitter data, I got the following report almost instantly.

Capture TweetReach

It shows that we have reached out to 702 user accounts, and 3099 impressions in exposure which is the overall number of impressions generated by tweets in this report – the total number of tweets was delivered to timeline.  The graph shows a breakdown of how many tweets sent by uses with that many followers. Hm…. It sounds like we need work hard to get more powerful influencers (People with more than 1000 followers) on board and tweet about the topic.

Below is the result for Hearingloss that has much broader reach.  We need tag it more with HearingZen to gain increased visibility.

Capture TweetReach 2


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  1. Thanks for using TweetReach, and good luck with the rest of your course! Find us on Twitter (@tweetreachapp) if you have any questions!


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